General information Çeşme

  • 300 days of sun a year
  • 25 different beaches
  • Perfect for windsurfing/kite surfing
  • Affordable luxury restaurants
  • 4 Yacht Harbors
  • 45 Minutes to the Greek Island Chios
  • 1 Hour from the metropolis city Izmir

Like a lot of places in Turkey Çeşme has a very rich historical background. In the old ages first the Cretans and then the Ionian lived here. The area was called Cysus and the port of Çeşme was the last point in the way from the East, named the Silk Road. Trader ships where loading their spices, silk and other products to transport to Italy. The name ‘’Çeşme’’ means ‘’fountain’’ and possibly draws reference from the many Ottoman fountains that are scattered across the city. Later on in the 18th century, wealthier people from Izmir area started to develop Çeşme with a different purpose. The beaches, coastlines where noticed in the area and fortunate citizens started to build their summer houses here. Real Estate in Çeşme can be divided in 90% Villas for sale in Çeşme and 10% Apartments for sale in Çeşme.

Çeşme Today
The more than 20 beaches of Çeşme are easily competing with any of the best beaches in the world, and for every type of person there is a beach. The weather is nice from March till October and never uncomfortable hot because of the windy location. Therefore the region is also internationally famous for surf possibilities. This area in Turkey is one of the most important areas for tourism and It’s importance will only increase in the coming years. At this moment Çeşme still keeps its high quality image and new hotels plus restaurants are opening every year. In the center of Çeşme a high class Yacht harbor was created in 2010 and a few years later a Yacht harbor in the close by area Alaçatı. Because of this reason and all the 5 star hotels plus amazing restaurants/nightlife Çeşme can be seen as a more affordable Turkish ‘’Saint Tropez’’ or ‘’Monaco’’. High quality tourists slowly start discovering Çeşme and cruise ships are stopping of in Çeşme these days. Furthermore there is an international ferry harbor in Çeşme which provides easy direct trips to different Greek Islands with Chios as closest destination (45 minutes/€ 25). In 2019 the highway from Istanbul to Izmir was finished and it takes approximately 4 hours to reach Çeşme from Istanbul.

Where is Çeşme?
Çeşme is located about 80 KM west of the third largest city in Turkey named Izmir. The city of Izmir has a population of 4+ million citizens. A super modern 3 lane highway will bring you from Çeşme to Izmir in 45 minutes. If you arrive by plane the Izmir airport ‘’Adnan Menderes’’ will welcome you and within 1 hour you will reach Çeşme by car/taxi/ or hourly shuttle bus.

Çeşme: The shining jewel on the crown of Turkish tourism


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