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Çeşme the most Luxurious coastal town in Turkey 

Çeşme is very popular among the high society of Turkey, famous footballers, actors, and other celebrities purchased for sale Villas in Çeşme. The Luxury facilities like; high-end beach clubs, yacht harbours, and beach view resorts make Çeşme the highest quality Coastal town in Turkey. Therefore prices are higher in comparison with other cheap (er) areas in Turkey. The experts say that Çeşme has the best white sand beaches and coastlines in whole Turkey. In Çeşme more than 20 white sand beaches are available to enjoy, with a huge variety of beach clubs and other facilities. You can decide on a Luxury beach club or just a cheap public beach. Çeşme was discovered many years ago by wealthy people from the Metropolis city Izmir. Slowly they started building their holiday houses next to the Seaside areas. It was a very common practice to do this without the proper building and zoning permission in place. Later on, Yacht harbors and Harbor Villas were built. The Villas which are for sale in Çeşme these days, all have correct Title deed papers also known as “Tapu” documents.

The Yacht Harbour in Çeşme

The Çeşme Marina, a classy and authentic designed and perfectly decorated with colorful flowers, art pieces, high-end clothing boutiques, and quality restaurants. This marina is an amazing place to wander around and perfectly suitable to dock your yacht for the wintertime. Because of the perfect location of the harbor, it is easy to explore the Aegean Sea with the Greek Islands, Chios, and Lesbos nearby. The Marina was awarded for the best architectural project at the Arkitera Architectural Awards in 2010. Later on, it received the Best Marina Title at the Golden Awards in Istanbul in 2011.

Aegean Locations in Çeşme

The lack of professionalism and quality of service in the real estate sector in Turkey, inspired the native Dutch founder to start Aegean Locations. Throughout the years we already helped hundreds of home buyers with their investment in Izmir and Çeşme. At this moment Aegean Locations is providing A to Z assistance with our internationally licensed real estate offices and a growing team of multilingual agents in Izmir and Çeşme. We strive to provide the most up to date portfolio in this region and are assisting our foreign property buyers with utmost integrity.  Feel free to contact us anytime for any real estate related questions, and make sure you follow us on social media as well.


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