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Why buy Real Estate in Çeşme?

Çeşme is a beautiful coastal town located in the western province of Izmir, Turkey. With its pristine beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture, it’s no surprise that Çeşme has become a popular destination for both tourists and property buyers.

Here are five reasons why you might consider buying a property in Çeşme:

1. The climate:
Çeşme has a Mediterranean climate, which means it enjoys hot and dry summers and mild, wet winters. This makes it the perfect place to escape the colder months and enjoy some much-needed sun and warmth. There is always a small breeze in Çeşme which makes it not as hot as other summer resorts in Turkey.

2. The beaches:
Çeşme is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey, including the famous Ilica Beach and Altinkum Beach. These beaches are known for their crystal-clear waters and soft, sandy shores, and are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. The region is also famous among wind and kite surfers.

3. The culture:
Çeşme has a rich history and culture, with a mix of Turkish and Greek influences. The town is home to several historic landmarks, including the Çeşme Castle and the Agios Haralambos Church, as well as a number of museums and galleries. Çeşme also has a thriving arts and music scene, with regular festivals and events throughout the year.

4. The food:
Çeşme is known for its delicious seafood, and the town is home to a number of excellent restaurants and cafes serving fresh, locally caught fish and other regional specialties. The local markets and farms also offer a wide variety of fresh produce, making it easy to enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals.

5. The property market:
The property market in Çeşme is currently experiencing steady growth, making it a good time to invest in a property. The town offers a range of properties to suit different budgets and preferences, from luxury villas and apartments to more affordable homes. Overall, Çeşme is a beautiful and diverse town that offers something for everyone. If you’re considering buying a property in Turkey, it’s definitely worth considering Çeşme as a potential destination. So, these are the reasons to buy real estate in Çeşme.

How much does Real Estate in Çeşme cost?

Here is an overview of the real estate market in Çeşme:

The cost of properties in Çeşme can vary significantly depending on their location. Properties in the town center or closer to the beach tend to be more expensive than those further out. For example, a 3-bedroom holiday house in a prime location might cost around $450,000 USD, while a similar property further out might cost around $350,000 USD. Overall, there are not too much apartment buildings built in Çeşme. In the center it is possible to find resell apartment options around $150,000/200,000 USD.

Type of property:
The type of property you choose will also impact the price. Luxury villas and apartments tend to be more expensive than older modest homes, and properties with sea views or private pools will also command a higher price. For example, a newly built three-bedroom villa with a private pool might cost around $550,000 USD on a “A” location, while an older 3-bedroom holiday house might cost around $400,000 USD.

The size of the property is another factor that can affect the price. Larger properties, such as villas with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, tend to be more expensive than smaller units. For example, a five-bedroom newly built villa might cost around $1,000,000 USD. Overall, the cost of properties in Çeşme can vary widely depending on a range of factors, including location, type of property, and size. It’s worth considering your budget and priorities when choosing a property in Çeşme, and working with an expert like us to find the best options for you.

Çeşme the most Luxurious coastal town in Turkey 

Çeşme is very popular among the high society of Turkey, famous footballers, actors, and other celebrities purchased Real Estate in Çeşme. The Luxury facilities like; high-end beach clubs, yacht harbours, and beach view resorts make Çeşme the highest quality Coastal town in Turkey. Therefore prices are higher in comparison with other cheap (er) areas in Turkey. The experts say that Çeşme has the best white sand beaches and coastlines in whole Turkey. In Çeşme more than 20 white sand beaches are available to enjoy, with a huge variety of beach clubs and other facilities. You can decide on a Luxury beach club or just a cheap public beach. Çeşme was discovered many years ago by wealthy people from the Metropolis city Izmir. Slowly they started building their holiday houses next to the Seaside areas. It was a very common practice to do this without the proper building and zoning permission in place. Later on, Yacht harbors and Harbor Villas were built. The Villas for sale in Çeşme these days, all have correct Title deed papers also known as “Tapu” documents.

The Yacht Harbour in Çeşme

The Çeşme Marina, a classy and authentic designed and perfectly decorated with colorful flowers, art pieces, high-end clothing boutiques, and quality restaurants. This marina is an amazing place to wander around and perfectly suitable to dock your yacht for the wintertime. Because of the perfect location of the harbor, it is easy to explore the Aegean Sea with the Greek Islands, Chios, and Lesbos nearby. The Marina was awarded for the best architectural project at the Arkitera Architectural Awards in 2010. Later on, it received the Best Marina Title at the Golden Awards in Istanbul in 2011.

Home for Sale Çeşme Turkey

Aegean Locations has a large updated portfolio of homes for sale in Çeşme. We thoroughly check all properties we offer on quality, correct title deeds, and other technical details. Plenty of visitors who come to Çeşme often for its beauty, facilities, and amazing lifestyle decide to not stay in hotels every season, and purchase a home for sale in Çeşme. Apart from the comfort of owning your own home in Çeşme, purchasing a property in Çeşme is a solid investment as well. In general, the area offers 5% to 10% value appreciation in USD a year.

Apartments for sale in Çeşme Turkey

95% of the Real Estate in Çeşme are villas or holiday houses. The government wants to keep the high-quality image of Çeşme alive and is not giving permission for high rise buildings. Therefore, there are not too much Apartments for sale in Çeşme. Aegean Locations provides extensive local market information regarding Apartments for sale in Çeşme. We have a large network of reliable local sellers and developers who are offering quality properties in Çeşme. Aegean Locations will negotiate the price on your behalf and assist you with the whole purchase procedure.

Alaçatı Property for Sale

Alaçatı is a historical town which is getting more popular each day. The center of Alaçatı is famous for unique stone house architecture, colorful streets and numerous authentic restaurants and bars. Alaçatı Property for sale in the center is quite rare since it is all historical or restored buildings. In nearby neighborhoods outside of Alaçatı center, plenty of Villas for sale in Alaçatı can be found. Alaçatı Property for sale is also very popular since there are numerous high end beach clubs plus a big wind surf facility about 5 minutes’ drive from Alaçatı town.

Property for Sale in Ilıca Turkey

Property for Sale in Ilıca is very popular among the high society of İzmir. The largest white sand beach is located in Ilıca. This public beach attracts thousands of people from all over the world each year. Many people compare it as the “Miami” of Turkey. Property for sale in Ilıca is one of the most expensive areas for Real Estate in Çeşme. Most of the Villas for Sale in İlıça are one or two stories high with various luxurious designs. If there are properties for sale available in İliça, Aegean Locations is the first to know.

Land for sale Çeşme Turkey

Apart from focusing on Real Estate in Çeşme, considering to purchase Land for sale in Çeşme Turkey could be an interesting investment as well. Often property buyers prefer to create and design their own property in Turkey. Aegean Locations is able to source the most suitable land for your project and can connect you with our Architect/Contractor. For more information about land for sale in Turkey, you can follow the link.

Aegean Locations in Çeşme

The lack of professionalism and quality of service in the real estate sector in Turkey, inspired the native Dutch founder to start Aegean Locations. Throughout the years we already helped hundreds of home buyers with their investment in Izmir and Çeşme. At this moment Aegean Locations is providing A to Z assistance with our internationally licensed real estate offices and a growing team of multilingual agents in Izmir and Çeşme. We strive to provide the most up to date portfolio in this region and are assisting our foreign property buyers with utmost integrity.  Feel free to contact us anytime for any real estate related questions, and make sure you follow us on social media as well. You can also click here for more information About Us.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Real Estate in Çeşme

Çeşme is located 85 km west of İzmir, the largest urban center in Turkey’s Aegean region. There is a six-lane highway connecting the two cities (Otoyol 32). Çeşme District has two neighboring districts, Karaburun to the north and Urla to the east, both of which are also part of İzmir Province.

The area of Çeşme has one of the most preferrable weathers of whole Turkey. The reason for this is the constant small breeze which makes it not too hot in comparison with other regions in Turkey. The warmest season takes place in June, July, August and September. The coldest month is January with an average maximum temperature of 13°C and December is the wettest month.

It can be quite a challenge to purchase a property in general in Turkey. The property purchase procedures are set up differently in comparison with other countries. Therefore, we always advice to cooperate with a reliable licensed real estate agency. There are a lot of property buyers find who found out later on they purchased real estate in Çeşme with a wrong title deed or other issues.
Çeşme want to keep their exclusive image and is therefore not planning to construct high rise buildings in the area. The highest buildings are around 5 stories high. Most of the building permissions which are provided are for villa projects. At this moment 95% of the real estate in Çeşme are villas, which means there are around 5% apartments in Çeşme.

Yes, it is definitely possible to rent out real estate in Çeşme. It is a quite lucrative business since there is a high demand from families who prefer to rent a private estate for a couple of months instead of booking a hotel in this region.

Because of the high demand in this diverse luxurious region, real estate in Çeşme is a bit higher in price in comparison with some other lower quality regions. The most expensive area in Turkey is still Bodrum followed by Çeşme.
There are various neighborhoods and districts to choose from in Çeşme. It depends a bit on your personal lifestyle which neighborhood is the most suitable for you. We always show clients multiple areas, and real estate in Çeşme in order to make the best selection.
The value of villas for sale in Çeşme is increasing year by year. The main reasons for this are that the area is slowly getting discovered by local and foreign property buyers. A resell villa can be purchased for around $ 450,000 and spacious newly build villas start around $ 1,000,000.
Many investors are focusing on Çeşme these days because of the high rental yield the real estate in Çeşme has to offer. Luxurious villas are rented out seasonally to international or wealthy families from Istanbul. Rental yields of around %7 is quite common. Another interesting aspect is the capital gain of real estate in Çeşme. This is in-between 5% and 6% Annually in dollars.

Yes, you can apply for citizenship if you purchase real estate in Çeşme. However, a mandatory appraisal has to be made. We will organize this whole activity and will assist you from A to Z.

At this moment the majority who is owning real estate in Çeşme are wealthy people from İzmir and Istanbul. In coastal resorts like Antalya, Fethiye or Bodrum we see a much higher foreign population in comparison with Çeşme.
Çeşme has around 10 main districts with each different characteristics, restaurants and bays plus beaches to discover.

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