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İzmir, a metropolis city in the western part of Turkey

In ancient times the city was called “Smyrna”. These days İzmir is a developed, modern and commercial centre with a big bay surrounded by some mountains. The city has the same facilities as Istanbul, meaning there are plenty of modern shopping centres and broad boulevards. There are a lot of historical churches and mosques. The city has a laid back atmosphere like the Mediterranean part of Europe. İzmir has a strong economic position because of its location and huge industrial Harbour. The industrial port is an import feature of the whole city and has an advantageous location, perfectly suitable for various import and export activities İzmir is a very social dynamic city, with a big variety of different cultures. The city has hosted numerous civilizations and cultures in the past. Because of the perfect location the city has been one of the main Mediterranean cities and hosted the Mediterranean Games in 1971. The city recorded about 4.000 years of urban history.

Real Estate and Property in İzmir

İzmir has multiple city centres and a big variety of luxury neighbourhoods and lower entry areas with real estate real estate for sale in İzmir. The most luxury apartments in İzmir are located in the city centre called “Alsancak”. The financial district of İzmir and most of the offices are located in “Bayraklı”. Property and apartments vary from $ 200.000 to $ 350.000 in the most luxurious area of Alsancak. However there are plenty of other nice neighbourhoods and areas where you can purchase a cheap apartment for a starting price of $ 100.000. In general most properties build in İzmir are apartment buildings. In other nearby areas, like “Güzelbahçe” villa projects are more common.

Luxury Real Estate for sale in İzmir 

İzmir and Çeşme is offering a wide variety of luxurious real estate. In the historical city centre of İzmir, a lot of high end luxurious apartments and penthouses for sale in İzmir can be found. In the district “Mavisehir” there are some high-rise buildings with state of the art luxury apartments as well as penthouses. Overall it is quite easy and much more affordable to find luxury real estate in İzmir if we compare with Istanbul. Since Çeşme has a high quality image, luxury properties are offered everywhere and a property buyer has various districts and designs to choose from.

Aegean Locations in İzmir

Aegean Locations was founded a bit more than 4 years ago. The founder is a native Dutch person and realized there was no professional real estate agency in İzmir which is assisting foreigners with the purchase of an apartment or other property in İzmir. At this moment Aegean Locations has 2 offices located in İzmir and Çeşme. With our “National Association of Realtors” license and other certificates we already assisted thousands of customers with utmost integrity.

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