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Introduction Property Turkey

A lot of people are looking for a house for sale in Turkey Istanbul. Although Istanbul is a beatiful city, it can be a bit overwelming to live here. The heavy traffic, pollution, lack of nature and criminality can be reason to reside in a calmer city like İzmir. Our listings feature a wide variety of properties for sale in İzmir, ranging from luxurious mansions to affordable apartments.

If you’re on a budget and looking for property for sale in Turkey under 50K, we’ve certainly advise you to safe up some funds in order to purchase a more decent apartment on a better location. Our extensive database of properties includes cheap houses for sale in Turkey that won’t break the bank, however these start around 150k USD. In addition to our budget-friendly options, we also have a selection of property for sale in Turkey by owners. This means we can work directly with the seller to negotiate the best price and terms for your new home.

If a sea-view property in Turkey is what you’re after, we have several listings to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a stunning villa or a cozy apartment, our seaview properties in Turkey offer breathtaking views and unbeatable access to the water. And for those who want to be right on the beach, we have seaside property in Turkey that is sure to impress. From small cottages to large estates, our seaside properties offer the perfect opportunity to live your best beach life. Start browsing our listings today and find your dream house for sale in Turkey or your perfect property for sale in Turkey.

Why Buy a Property for Sale in Turkey?

 There are numerous reasons to people looking for a property to buy in Turkey. People may have spent many weeks vacationing in Turkey over the years and have decided to spend their retirement days in Turkey’s excellent climate with a relaxed lifestyle after many visits to a particular one area in love. Afterwards some decide it’s time to buy a vacation home for their annual family visits, or perhaps they’re looking for an investment in Turkey to earn rental income and build a nest egg for their children’s future. The investment climate in Turkey’s real estate market had a tremendous boost in recent years, especially in the cultural city of Izmir as well as some seaside resorts in the Aegean region.

What is interesting about Turkey?

With its central location, mixture of cultures, ideal climate and reasonable cost of living, amazing nature and beaches, Turkey is considered one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Modernized at a rapid pace, it is now the only secular Muslim country and combines a heady mix of Eastern and Western cultural influences. The land has been inhabited for over 10,000 years and many of history’s greatest civilizations call Turkey home. Everywhere in Turkey you can find beautiful ruins (from Troy to Efes), ancient churches, fortresses and castles. It’s an incredibly friendly country, even on the busy streets of Istanbul or İzmir.

Head to the smaller towns on the Turkish coast and you will find warm and welcoming communities. Turkey’s 800km coastline is lapped by four different seas, making it a stunning location for beachfront real estate and fun in the sun. Resorts and cities such as Çeşme, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Antalya attract thousands of people every year to spend their summers by the sea and real estate in Turkey is as diverse as the country itself. Turkey is an enticing mix of culture, stunning landscapes, welcoming cities, delicious cuisine and pristine beaches.

Some overseas buyers have opted for a combination of the vacation home and investment, where owners will spend their select weeks in the sun and make reservations for summer vacations or the Winter vacations that not only bring in rental income but also help with the yearly maintenance of a property such rental properties in good condition will attract repeat visitors.

Aegean Locations and Property for sale in Turkey

Aegean Locations is a licensed real estate agency with a multilingual team focusing on properties in the most beautiful areas of Turkey. The Real estate in Izmir or Real Estate in Çeşme we offer are carefully picked for their high quality and prime location. In a lot of cases, we source a property which is fitting exactly the certain needs of a client. After we select a few suitable options, we are organizing different background checks, title deed investigation and property quality checks. Afterwards we assist with the price negotiation and set-up all official sales contracts. The whole process of funds transfer, and title deed exchange we organize as well. Furthermore, we can take care of the whole Citizenship in Turkey procedure.

Where to buy property for sale in Turkey?

Turkey not only attracts millions of holidaymakers every year, but it has become a popular spot for international tourists that became property buyers as well. There is a mix of Homebuyers looking for retirement homes (or at least long winters) or people who decide to live permanently in Turkey. It’s cheaper to live there than some of our other favorite holiday countries in Europe, and some people think Turks are friendlier compared to other countries too. Turkey has a series of cities and distinctive seaside resorts along its 700-kilometer Aegean/Mediterranean coastline from Çesme in the north to Alanya. These are by far the most popular places to buy Real Estate in Turkey.

There are also cities that combine beach life with classical history, such as Çeşme and Bodrum, which have sites of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The beaches and waters of the Aegean Coast have notable admirers including David Beckham, Bill Gates and many others. However, Turkey is not just about the beaches. It has ski resorts not far from Bursa and adventure people can do activities like rafting, hiking and paragliding. Until the 1920s, much of the Aegean coast was inhabited jointly by Greeks and Turks, and the mix of styles can be very appealing, especially in old fishing villages like Çesme. Property seekers have also ventured into other coastal areas, for example green towns like Urla.

Although the Aegean coast does have the most popular and easiest places to buy property in Turkey in relation to our English-speaking agents, lawyers and professionals, there are alternatives. The Black Sea coast is rainier and has more mountains, and the old port city of Trabzon has attracted some adventurous property buyers as well.

There is a vast number of foreigners who are purchasing properties for sale in Istanbul. Although Istanbul is a popular metropolis, many find it an overwhelming city to live in. The dense city with the highest population of Turkish cities makes it a bit difficult to live in. Traffic jams, air pollution, and criminality rates caused a big influx of people to move to İzmir. Recently Izmir has become an investment hotspot among local property buyers as ass well as foreign property buyers. İzmir has the same facilities as Istanbul but it is just more comfortable to live in. The population is less than a third of Istanbul and it has nearby coastal resorts like Urla, Çeşme. Overall, there is much more nature, less pollution, and the culture in Izmir is a bit more modern. Furthermore, the cost of living is lower in comparison with Istanbul. Another reason why Real Estate in Izmir and Apartments for sale in Izmir are popular is because the city is a perfect combination between the east and west.

Which Nationalities are Buying Property for sale in Turkey?

There are different nationalities of property buyers in Turkey. The largest group of property buyers in Istanbul are native-born Iranians, Iraqis and Arabs. In Alanya one can find an overwhelming number of Russian real estate buyers. With over 10,000 Brits making their home in Fethiye, they are tempted by the large communities of Brits where they can easily socialize.

Which Nationalities are buying property for sale in Izmir?

The city of İzmir has a rich history with a very mixed population from different regions. People from Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Europe and many other countries are calling İzmir their home for decades. This makes Izmir a very diverse and vibrant city. Izmir has the youngest population of Turkey because of some big universities and the modern mindset of the culture in İzmir.

Since Izmir is suitable to live in all year around it is not really popular among mass tourism similar like Alanya. The Coastal town Çeşme is considered the “Saint Tropez” of Turkey and the high society of Istanbul and Izmir is hanging around here. Overall, we can say that the number of foreigners in İzmir and Çeşme is quite low in comparison with other well-known destinations. This makes the area still very authentic and unique.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Property for sale in Turkey

The main property types available in Turkey include apartments, villas, houses, land plots, and commercial properties.

Yes, there are several new construction property projects in Turkey, which offer modern amenities and designs and are located in different regions and cities of Turkey.

You can find properties for sale in Turkey by searching online real estate listings, or contacting local licensed real estate agents.

Popular regions for properties in Turkey include Istanbul, İzmir, Çeşme, Bodrum, and Alanya.

As of 2021, foreign individuals and legal entities are allowed to buy property in Turkey without any restrictions.

The requirements for buying a property in Turkey include having a Turkish Tax Number and a Turkish Bank account.

You can not finance the purchase of a property in Turkey by obtaining a mortgage loan from a Turkish bank. However, in some cases it is possible to get credit from a bank in your native country. It is recommended to have legal and financial advice on this matter.

The rental market for properties in Turkey is relatively strong, with demand for properties from both tourists and locals. The rental yield in İzmir is about 7% a year.

The process for buying a property in Turkey includes finding a property, making an offer, completing a purchase contract, and transferring ownership at the local land registry office.

The process of purchasing a property in Turkey can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the transaction and availability of the required documents.

There may be ongoing governmental policies affecting property prices in Turkey, such as tax laws, zoning regulations, or economic conditions. It’s important to stay informed about these policies.

Yes, there are additional costs when buying a property in Turkey, such as property transfer taxes, notary fees, and agent commissions.

The typical square meter price for properties in Turkey can vary depending on the location, but it can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per square meter.

Yes, specific documents required when buying a property in Turkey include a Turkish Tax Number, purchase contract, and a Turkish bank account.

There are some restrictions on property usage in Turkey, such as building regulations and zoning laws, which set rules for how a property can be used and developed. It is important to consult with legal expert for details.

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