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Information about Real Estate in Urla

Posted by david on 20 October 2021
| Urla
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General Information Urla
There are plenty of interesting villages located in Urla, and the region famous for their forests and coastal areas. The biggest advantage of Urla is that it is the nearest location next to Izmir with the possibility to go to the beach. The coastline is about 40 kilometers and in the summertime, it attracts a lot of people who visit public or private beaches and their property or luxury holiday houses.

Real Estate Urla
In general, most real estate and property in Urla is not very cheap and we can say that about 90% consists of detached villas and not apartments. Prices for older small properties in Urla with 3 bedrooms vary from $ 200.000 to $ 300.000. If you are looking for properties in Urla with more than 3 bedrooms, detached and recently built, expect prices starting from
$ 400.000 up to $ 600.000. 

Urla offers some more exclusive luxury properties as well. These properties are often located on huge plots of around 3.000 square meters including huge private gardens and a minimum of 5 bedrooms. These kinds of luxury mansions are in general perfect for privacy and entertainment. The Turkish elite are living in this kind of property in Urla and prices can start from $ 800.000 and up.

Aegean Locations Urla 
Although Aegean Locations has only offices in Izmir and Cesme, we certainly have an extended network of private sellers and developers in this area. As a professional independent advisor, we can source the most suitable property in Urla, and check the property for correct title deeds, quality, and all procedures that come with buying a luxury villa in Urla.

Aegean Locations can provide you quality property options in Urla. We will assist you to find the most suitable real estate in Urla, please follow the link.

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