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Izmir celebrates the 99th anniversary of liberation

Posted by david on 10 December 2021
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9 September Celebration

A celebration march with a huge Turkish flag was shown on 9 September 2021, which is the 99th anniversary of liberation for the Aegean province of Izmir.

The March in İzmir

The mayor and many other local politicians from Izmir were attending the march. The march ended in the Cumhuriyet Square. Troops with horse entered the city in combination with a Turkish flag raised to the sky.

The mayor of Izmir mentioned that a freedom struggle under the leadership of Atatürk was inspired by the whole world. Afterwards military bands performed uplifting music.

Furthermore poems and dances performances were added to the program.

War of Independence İzmir

The big turning point in the Turkish War of Independence was when Greek forces were defeated during the Offensive in 1922. Afterwards the Turkish troops reached the Aegean Sea on Sept 9 and recaptured Izmir.

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