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The most beautiful and famous landscapes in Turkey

Posted by david on 18 February 2022
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Amazing Landscapes and Landforms in Turkey

Many foreigners decide to purchase their dream house in Turkey because of the amazing landscapes. Turkey has acquired today’s landforms with the effect of internal and external forces that took place in geological periods. Landforms and mountains, plains, plateaus, streams, etc. must be understood. We can summarize the internal and external forces that affect the formation of landforms in our country as follows.

Internal Forces

Internal forces, which take their energy from the magma layer inside the earth, are the force that gives the earth its original shape. Internal forces are very effective in covering the earth with lava as a result of broken and folded mountains, volcanic mountain formation, tides that occur in seas and known as tides, and volcanic eruptions. In our country, the most important internal force is the orogenic and epyrogenic movements.

External Forces

Here, there is a force that takes energy from the sun. Landforms formed by the effect of internal forces begin to take shape with the effect of external forces. Forces with high erosion power such as streams, glaciers, currents and winds can be said to be external forces. The most effective external force in the formation of landforms in our country is rivers.

Landscapes and infrastructure in Turkey

  • Road construction costs are high because it is high and bumpy.
  • Transhumance is common as there are wide plains in the high parts.
  • The lowest, flat and plain region is Marmara.
  • Altitude changes in short distance are many. E.g; Eastern Black Sea and Antalya Section.
  • Since landforms vary, climate, agriculture, vegetation and population density vary.
  • The mountains run parallel to the sea on our northern and southern coasts. Longitudinal coastal type is seen. Transportation between the coast and the interior is provided by tunnels and passages.
  • There are many cliffs on the coasts of the Eastern Black Sea and Antalya Section.
  • The continental shelf is narrow.
  • The difference between the actual length of the Aegean coast and the length of the bird’s flight is great.
  • Tectonic earthquakes are frequently seen along active fault zones because they are geologically formed in the recent period.

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