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The most beautiful places to Live in Turkey

Posted by david on 18 February 2022
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Introduction of the most beautiful places to live in Turkey

Turkey is located in one of the most unique geographies of the world, which has hosted countless civilizations throughout history, with its rich cultural, historical heritage and natural beauties. Located on an important transit route between Asia, the Middle East and Europe, Turkey is a paradise with its four seasons, hundreds of alternative routes from west to east, and its villages, towns and cities, each more impressive than the other.

Those who want to get away from the traffic problems, noise, air pollution and stressful daily life of big cities in recent years prefer to settle in smaller towns and towns. With the establishment of the culture of working from home, you can take the first step towards the life you dream of by choosing among the most beautiful places to live and properties in Turkey today, where the importance of places and cities is no more.

1. Datca, Mugla

Datça, adorned with almond trees, has clean air, dishes coloured with fruits and vegetables grown by local producers, Aegean peace, and no noise.

2. Sile, Istanbul

The district, where the traditional Şile Cloth Culture and Art Festival is held every year, is flooded with visitors during the summer months. With a population of 36 thousand, Şile is one of the ideal routes to escape from the chaos and stressful daily life of Istanbul. The fact that the prices in Şile are more affordable than in Istanbul is one of the reasons of the increase of interest in the district.

3. Kusadasi, Aydin

There are many accommodation facilities that appeal to different budgets in Kuşadası, where those who want to visit the region prefer to stay with its location to touristic spots such as the Ancient City of Ephesus, Virgin Mary, Şirince and Didim. The population of Kuşadası, which has a population of 115 thousand, reaches 1.5 million in the summer period. Prices in Kuşadası, which is likened to big cities by different segments due to its rapid urbanization, are below the average prices in Turkey.

4. Assos, Canakkale

It is one of the most special places of the North Aegean with its unique Aegean Sea view. The historical background of Assos, which also hosts Aristotle’s philosophy school on its territory, dates back to the 7th century BC. With its ancient harbour, blue flag coves, clean air and narrow streets, Assos is a place where the village life continues.

5. Bozcaada, Canakkale

The island, which is dominated by a culture of tolerance with its rich historical and cultural texture, untouched coves, magnificent sunset view and delicious food, also stands out with its wine production. Bozcaada, is one of the best holiday centres in the North Aegean for those looking for a peaceful holiday with nature, prices are above Turkey’s average, and rental/ housing prices on the island are high.

6. Kalecik Village, Mardin

Kalecik Village is located on a plain surrounded by high hills in Nusaybin district. The village, which history dates back to 7 thousand BC, takes its name from the castle on the hill dominating the village. In addition to its clean air, historical and cultural richness, there is plenty of peace in the village. The architecture of the stone houses of the village, where organic farming are also practiced, is quite impressive.

7. Samandag, Hatay

Founded in the delta where the Asi River empties into the Mediterranean, Samandağ has one of the longest beaches in the world. Having many historical and touristic spots, including the Titus Tunnel built by the Roman emperor Vespesianus, the world’s first tunnel, Samandağ reflects the rich culture of tolerance of the region.

Located in the southwest of Hatay, the district has not received the value and attention it deserves for alternative activities such as paragliding, canoeing, water sports and trekking in a geographical location where different cultures meet.

8. Alacati, Izmir

Alaçatı, a neighborhood of the Çeşme district, located in the westernmost part of İzmir, has been a favourite of investors who have flocked from big cities in recent years and those who want to live in a quieter place. With its traditional stone buildings, concept boutique hotels, design workshops, nice restaurants and cafes, surfing areas, and magnificent beaches, the holiday resort, whose reputation exceeds the borders of Turkey, has an infrastructure where you can relax and justify your holiday.

In Alaçatı, where you can see the reflections of the delicious and healthy food culture of the Aegean, there are many Aegean restaurants and traditional cuisine. In Alaçatı, which is flooded with visitors of the weed festival held every year in April, rental and accommodation costs increase in summer months.

9. Tirilye, Bursa

Tirilye which has olive groves, wooden houses, and a quiet, calm and peaceful atmosphere, can be reached by a road with the sea on one side and green hills on the other. Tirilye, which was an old Greek village in the past, was featured in TV series and streets with an atmosphere of tolerance and a visual feast. It’s a cute town that has hosted a movie as well.

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