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What is the Evil Eye?

Posted by david on 18 February 2022
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Some general information about the evil eye:

The evil eye bead is a bead that is believed to protect people from evil eyes. Throughout history, in most cultures and religious beliefs, the eye figure has been considered a powerful talisman that repels evil.

In general, the evil eye beads are in the form of eyes. In this context, the eye is a person’s window to the world, and the eye is considered the first point of departure for all kinds of thoughts, good and bad. For this reason, blue stones, which are believed to have absorbent properties, have been used for a long time to protect them from bad eyes. And it took its final form as today’s various kinds of evil eye beads.

How to protect from Evil Eye with a Evil Eye Bead?

Nowadays, many people keep the evil eye bead in places where they use it frequently such as in their property in Turkey, both as a belief, tradition and as an ornament. While making an evil eye bead, lead is poured into it. It is also said to bring good luck.

Folk beliefs Evil Eye

According to ancient folk belief, it is not possible for every blue glass bead to ward off the evil eye. These beads have features that must be found, for example, according to some masters, yellow eyes should be placed on blue. In addition, it must have been melted in a special place (according to older folk beliefs, “Eyeli/Eyelü”, that is, with a protective spirit) as an “Eye Furnace”. The establishment of the evil eye bead hearths was also carried out with a special ceremony in the past. No other glass work is done in this furnace, only evil eye beads are made. So much so that the master who makes other glassware in the same workshop uses only the main stove to produce evil eye beads. In addition, a real evil eye bead must be made by hand, beads produced in series with machines mean nothing more than an ornament.

Different names of the Evil Eye in Turkey

In Turkish communities in history, the evil eye bead has been given names such as munçuk, moncuk, monşak, monçak, moncok, muynçak, and some of these expressions are still in the languages ​​of some nations today. It literally means “Beads”. These are gems worn around the neck of a person or horse; things like lion claws and amulets. Attila Han’s father’s name is Muncuk. In Turkish folk belief, Albıs is very afraid of Gökçe Munçuk (Blue Bead), which is the root of the concept of Evil Eye.

The word kotaz is another word used in the sense of evil eye bead. It is argued that the eye is protected because it distracts its attention. It is said that very strong evil eyes crack the kotatas (evil eye beads) and even break them into pieces. It literally means “sacred object”. The terms Köşgük and çom are also used in the same sense and mean evil eye.

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