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Is İzmir better than Istanbul?

Posted by david on 26 March 2022
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Why are people suggesting that İzmir is better than İstanbul?

A few reasons why İzmir is better than İstanbul:

1. İzmir is more relaxed

We can say that İzmir offers almost everything Istanbul does, but it is much more relaxed, liveable, affordable and pleasant. Istanbul is a hard city to live in. It is a great place to visit but an exhausting rat race to try to survive on a daily basis. İzmir, in contrast, is much more humane.

2. Smaller population, less traffic, more nature

It is a smaller city with a much smaller population and the spirit is quite liberal and tolerant by Turkish standards. People are friendly and many of the social and political schisms that plague Istanbul are largely absent here. On weekends, it is easy to go to beautiful beaches or other beautiful outdoor places without dreading the return trip the way you would in Istanbul. Everything just feels much more accessible. In Istanbul, it can be difficult to go anywhere because of the hassles involved with traffic and crowds.

3. More safe, lower criminality rates. Better for families.

You will not feel that burden in İzmir at all. Istanbul is not a great place to live if you have kids. İzmir is way, way better for families and anyone who values peace of mind. We would strongly recommend it over the insanity of Istanbul.

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