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What is the best food and drink in İzmir?

Posted by david on 9 April 2022
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After you purchase your property in İzmir, the next step is to discover the amazing cuisine and best food plus drinks İzmir has to offer.

Enjoy a Turkish Breakfast Feast

If Turkish people sit down for breakfast there is no such thing as a quick bite. The traditional Turkish breakfast is a real feast with fresh bread, a big variety of cheese, olives, and other delicious small plates plus egg dishes. In İzmir, there are numerous “Kavaltı” places where people can enjoy this traditional Turkish breakfast in different variations.

“Meyhane Style” Turkish Restaurants

İzmir is famous for the wide variety of seafood dishes and “mezes” to accompany this amazing food. “Mezes” are small plates with a huge assortment of cold and hot starters.
Local people usually drink “Rakı” with these meals. Raki is combined with water and contains anise herb similar like the Greek drink “Ouzo”.


Apart from the famous “Baklava” there are a lot of dessert-focused restaurants located in İzmir. In places like “Hasan Usta” “Reyhan” and “Bravo” a wide variety of desserts, cakes, fresh ice cream, and other sweets are offered.

Turkish Coffee

In Turkey, coffee is seen as a social event. The coffee takes time to simmer and contains a thick brew at the bottom of each cup. In İzmir there are numerous cosy coffee places where they serve you fresh Turkish coffee in combination with some Turkish delight or dried fruits.

Bars and Beers

Since 70% of the population in İzmir is under 30 years old, there is a huge amount of students and other young people who are big fans of drinking beers and visiting bars. In the historical centre of Alsancak, numerous bars can be found. The most popular bar street is named “Kıbrıs Şehitleri”. Most places serve big pints with draft beer for reasonable prices.


Urla is famous for their wine yards. At places like “Perdix” Or “USCA” and “Urla Sarapcilik” people can do wine tasting in a beautiful environment.

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