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Which historical places can I visit in İzmir?

Posted by david on 9 April 2022
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After you purchase a property in İzmir, we definitely advise you to see some historical places in the area. The following sites are just a few of the wonderful historical monuments you can visit. There are plenty of other popular places which we sill share in future articles later on.

İzmir Agora

Most “things do lists” in İzmir are starting with the historical monument right in the centre of the city of İzmir. The area is surrounded by neighbourhoods in the hillside, vibrant market streets and some tall commercial buildings. For most local people this is just part of the everyday landscape. The Agora sites are the ruins of a Roman Greek marketplace. In ancient times İzmir was a popular stop on the Silk Road. Many of the archways are still intact.


The historical city of Ephesus was a common stop on the Silk Road. In the past, people from all over the world sailed to the port to purchase spices, fruits and other food. They also visited the area for cloth makers. There is a restored Celsus library which is constructed with a double-wall technique. The reason behind this is to preserve 12,000 scrolls that were housed there.

Pergamon Acropolis

In the town of Bergama you can find the Pergamon Acropolis which is an ancient Greek city from the 2nd Century. The area is popular because of the location of the Pergamon Altar, a huge construction with massive pillars. Many people find the world’s steepest historical theatre with views over the town of Bergama the most interesting.

Hierapolis – Pamukkale

With its travertine terraces, this Greek-Roman spa town is a very popular and picturesque place for travellers around the globe. The area has amazing white terraces, which are created overtime by the natural hot springs. A perfect day will include walking through the ancient temples of Hierapolis and exploring the pathways direction Pamukkale. You can even spend some time bathing in the hot mineral pools exactly like the Romans did a long time ago.

Although there are much more historical places you can visit in İzmir, these are definitely the historical places you want to visit in İzmir.

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