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Everything to Know About Izmir Homes for Sale!

Posted by david on 22 May 2022
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Izmir is full of citizens who once visited the city as holidaymakers but were so impressed with the culture, healthy lifestyle, job opportunities, and quality education system that they looked for Izmir homes for sale and shifted there.

How to Consider Izmir Homes for Sale

Let us find out what to look for about Izmir homes for sale.

1- Make Sure You Have Enough Options

Izmir is a metropolitan city situated in the western extremity of Turkey. Being well-developed, it is full of commercial centers and development projects. It has several options for you to choose from. Make sure that you look at enough options, and take your time choosing the location.

There are towns beautifully laid on the mountains, neighborhoods present in the marketplaces, sea view towns, forest view towns, etc. You can also buy a home in the outskirts or suburb of Izmir. Research all the landscapes and towns in Izmir, then decide on the location.

2- Enough Knowledge About Building a Turkish Home

Unlike other countries and states, Turkey has kept the citizenship process for foreigners super easy. There are 3 requirements: Tapu, Imar, and Iskan:

Tapu: It is a document that proves your ownership of the house.

Imar: It is the building license.

Iskan: It is also a habitation certificate that proves your ownership of the house.

It is not a good idea to move to your house without having enough knowledge about these certifications. Contact your real estate agent, and talk about it thoroughly. Aegean Locations is a real estate company in Izmir that helps foreigners buy property in Izmir, Turkey. They can guide you regarding this in detail.

3- Plan Your Life in Izmir Beforehand

If you are single, it is easy for you to take care of yourself. In contrast, if you have a family, you might need to consider the educational institutes your kids will be going to. There are many things to know and plan beforehand, such as what routes and public transportation mean to lead to your destination in Izmir.

Check out all the clubs and academies dedicated to your hobby if you have hobbies. This will help you start your life in Izmir, Turkey, right after moving there.

4- Take Help from Your Real Estate Agent

This is the most important yet the most underrated thing to consider about Izmir homes for sale in Izmir. Your real estate agent impacts everything involved in the whole process of buying property and starting a life in Izmir.

AEGEAN LOCATIONS is a friendly company that helps tons of foreigners buy property in Izmir. Their clients recommend them, as evident in the testimonials available online.

They will not only get your desired location and home for sale in Izmir but also keep things convenient for you.

Final Verdict

Whether your budget is low or your preferences are too picky, you will find Izmir welcoming, warm, and full of life opportunities. All you have to do is make sure that you choose the right real estate company. Aegean Locations can cater to your needs the best. They hand-pick the best Izmir homes for sale to sell to foreign buyers.

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