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What makes it Worth having Real Estate in İzmir?

Posted by david on 7 June 2022
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What makes It Worth Having Real Estate in Izmir?

A great city to live an advanced life with western status at financially reasonable expenses is Izmir, Turkey. Turkey is also an excellent opportunity to offer investment in Real Estate in Izmir. The cosmopolitan and liberal atmosphere makes it a great place to lead a happy modern life.

Reasons to Consider Real Estate Izmir

Here are three reasons real estate Izmir is worth investing in:

1- New Developments

One primary reason why investors see potential in real estate in Izmir is the large-scale developmental projects going on in the city. Also, the past decade has proven to be full of improvements, as evident in the road networks, transportation systems, and rail networks. Traffic management is a clear example of how far Izmir has come regarding privilege and affluence.Moreover, the recent developments include opening of two long metro lines in 2017 and 2018. The Gulf Package project Government plans to build a ring around Izmir for even better traffic management.

2- The City Life

Izmir has a remarkable city life to offer. From street culture in Kemeralti to the sublime cafes situated in Alsancak, there are several places to enjoy life in Izmir. Also, the café lifestyle closely resembles Paris’s vintage touch and romanticism. The theatre, nightclubs, and art galleries lay a foundation for a modern yet simple and happy life for people in Izmir. Days of people living in Izmir are full of grabbing coffee on the way to the office while using the cheapest yet standard transportation. These city life perks are what make real estate in Izmir full of potential and greatly demanded on the international level.

3- Art and Culture

If you are an art lover, you will get truly immersed in the city of Izmir. It is popular to be art lovers’ treasure trove. The art galleries, cultural shows, street performances, theatre, shopping meccas, and café culture make Izmir a great city. People from the UAE, the USA, the UK, Rome, and Russia buy real estate in Izmir because of the development, art, culture, and modernism. From Arkas Art Centre to Alsancak music night, the city life of Izmir is full of glamour and simplicity at the same time.Moreover, it has a low crime rate. Izmir is a safe place to live a peaceful life free of any crimes, corruption, or bribery.

Where to Buy Real Estate in Izmir?

AEGEAN LOCATIONS is a trustworthy real estate company in Izmir. Their loyalty to their customers is beyond a hundred percent, as stated by many clients they have served. It is a leading company helping people buy apartments, villas, and homes in Izmir, Turkey. Its mission is to give foreign property buyers the best possible customer service. Moreover, there is no doubt how successfully they have been accomplishing their mission in every single project.

Final Words

Every year, millions of people worldwide visit Izmir for its unique sightings, modern lifestyle, and rich culture. The similarity of its development to the west, Paris, or Madrid has made it a center of attention for international investors. Some even plan to shift to this city for a vibrant and prosperous life.

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