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The Notary in Turkey

Posted by david on 28 June 2022
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Information about Notaries in Turkey

A notary is a witness who is present at the signing of documents between different parties in order to create an environment of trust between these parties. In Turkey, these are state-appointed lawyers who are responsible for checking the authenticity of documents. Notaries come from ancient Greece and were known as scribes. When it comes to legal documents, it is important to know the authenticity of the documents you are dealing with, hence a notary is required.

A notary, provides services such as foreign bills of exchange, bill protests and bills of exchange, acceptance of affidavits and affidavits. They are also required when signing wills, trusts and powers of attorney. A notary must be at least 18 years old and reside in the country where he is licensed.

Duties of a notary:

-Notaries may not refuse to sign documents on grounds of nationality, gender, race or religion. -A notary should not participate in the certification of documents that interest him.
-Before signing the documents, the notaries will request photo identification from all parties involved.

-It is permissible to refuse notarization of a document if certain information is missing, if there is evidence of fraud or if there is doubt about the identity of the signers.
-If everything is in order, the deeds or deed copies receive the seal of the notary who witnessed the signatures.

Where to find a notary in Turkey?

In Turkey, each district has a notary and some cities have more than one notary and wait your turn. Finding a notary in Turkey is very easy. Visit the website of the Association of Notaries of Turkey,

Enter your city and neighborhood and a list of notary addresses, phone numbers plus a map showing the location of their offices will appear. You just have to choose the one that is closest to you. Notary fees differ depending on the type of document, the number of pages or the number of words in the document. Apostille An apostille is the authentication of a document for use in another country. Authenticity of a document issued by a public body. The apostille must contain:

– the name of the country where the document was issued
– the name of the person who signed the document
– the title of the person who signed the document
– the signature of the authority that issued the apostille
– the seal or stamp of the authority that issued the apostille
– the number of the apostille  and the authority that issued the apostille
– the name of the authority that owns the stamp printed on the paper
-the place where it was certified and the date it was approved
-Documents that are commonly apostilled include marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees, powers of attorney, copies of passports, and affidavits of legibility. -For a document to receive an apostille, it must be translated by a sworn Turkish Translator.

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