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Resident Permit in Turkey

Posted by david on 30 June 2022
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This Article provides detailed information regarding different resident permits in Turkey

For most nationalities with a Turkish tourist visa, you are not allowed to stay longer than 90 out of 180 days. This time is enough to decide whether you want to stay in Turkey or not. The Turkish residence permit does not entitle you to gain full employment, but offers a right of residence for the time granted.

Short-term residence permits
There are two types of residence permits: short-term and long-term. These are divided into different types. The most common type is the tourist residence permit, valid for one year with the possibility of extension for selected nationalities.

Settlement permit
There are also settlement permits for up to one year. To do this, you must provide evidence of sufficient financial resources and the ability to support family members who are following you and require care. This permit allows the applicant to explore business opportunities and/or set up a company in Turkey. This eventually entitles you to Turkish citizenship if you buy property for no less than $400,000 and hold it for three years.

Long Term Residence Permits
Several long-term residence permits are also available for individuals who have lived for at least eight consecutive years with proof of financial independence, no history of financial assistance from the Turkish government and no criminal record. The second option for a long-term residence permit is for foreign citizens who are married to a Turkish person and are living in Turkey.

Student Residence Permit
The student residence permit is issued for the duration of studies at accredited Turkish universities. To apply, you must provide an official acceptance letter from the institution, have locally recognized private health insurance, and provide proof of financial security.

Work Permit
For persons with work permits with spouses and dependents under the age of 18, their family members have the right to apply for an accompanying family residence permit. Once you have determined which permit is right for you, apply for it as soon as possible before your valid visa expires. While your application is under review, you have the right to remain in Turkey until your appointment and application are under review, even if the date you originally submitted the application expires.

How to apply for a residence permit in Turkey?
To apply, you can find out about and collect the required documents before starting the online procedure on the E-ikamet website, you can go further if you don’t have required items ready like your biometric digital passport photo. Check all your documentation, including spelling, to avoid problems during the process and for future renewals. Private medical insurance is a requirement for staying in Turkey for more than 90 days and there are many good policies available from agents across the city. Once the system has accepted your request, the “Il Göç Idaresi (Migration Office) will send you an SMS or email with the time, date and place for your appointment. This will contain your application number and the area where you are submitting your paperwork to a provincial immigration officer at a local office. There is a fee for a residence permit, which depends on your nationality and ID. They will let you know if something is missing that you have to deliver within a certain time. After a successful application, you will receive an SMS from the “İl Göç Idaresi” letting you know that you have been admitted. You will be assigned a foreigner identification number from 99 and your identity card will be sent to the address given in the application. If there is a problem, you can contact the Migration Management Directorate by dialing 157. The service has options for Arabic, English, Farsi, German, Russian and Turkish speakers.

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