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25 Updated Things to Do in İzmir!

Posted by david on 15 September 2023
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Home to world-famous tourism centers and untouched villages, Izmir is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. At the same time, Izmir, Turkey’s third largest city, has many touristic spots with its natural places and historical places. Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean, does not hesitate to offer many activities to its visitors as well as places to visit. Now keep reading the list of things to do in Izmir that we have put together for you and take a look at what is on this list!

Cards used in İzmir

By providing the Müzekart, which is valid throughout Turkey, you can visit many sightseeing points in the city for free or at a discount. You can benefit from the advantages of Izmir’s city transportation and many sightseeing points by using Izmirim Card.

Urban transportation; In Izmir, which has a developed transportation line, you can use transportation vehicles such as trams, metros, buses, minibuses, minibuses and taxis. What you need to do to learn the times and routes of public transportation in more detail is very simple; Clicking on Izmir Transportation.

Iconic sightseeing spots; As many of you will guess, Izmir Clock Tower, Kordon, Kemeraltı Bazaar, Konak Square and Historical Elevator are the most iconic spots of Izmir.

What to do on Sunday; Among the things to do on Sunday in Izmir; Spreading out on the grass in Kordon, having fun in Kültürpark and having a picnic or camping in Karagöl Natural Park.

What to do in a day; For things to do in 1 day in Izmir; Let’s say that you can visit the Natural Life Park, take photos at the Izmir Clock Tower, visit the Alsancak Love Road, explore its squares, shop in the Kemeraltı Bazaar and ride the cable car.

1. Take a Walk on Cyprus Martyrs Street!

Kıbrıs Sehitleri Caddesi
What is this place? Kıbrıs Şehitleri Street, one of the famous streets of Izmir, is one of the most crowded streets of the city and one of the indispensable meeting points of the people of Izmir. We can say that it resembles Istanbul’s İstiklal Street with street artists playing instruments, singing and performing live sculptures in the evening hours.

Why should I go? You can shop in the right and left shops, as well as sit in the restaurants and cafes, each of which has a different concept, and eat and drink. Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi, which is often preferred because it is closed to traffic, is also a place where you can easily walk and walk around as you wish. In addition, remember that it is home to fun venues, bars and pubs, so be sure to remember that you can have fun as you like!

Miss! Don’t forget to go to Alsancak Dostlar Bakery, which is located on Kıbrıs Şehitleri Street and is the most famous boyozer of Izmir, and eat boyoz! Also go to Alsancak Sevinç Pastry Shop, a historical pastry shop, and taste everything from delicious cakes to pastries! As much as you can eat, of course. 🙂 As you continue reading, you will find more detailed information about these places, don’t worry

2. Lie on the Grass at Kordon and Watch the Sunset!

What is this place? Kordon, one of the places where you can feel the best in Izmir, is another meeting point of Izmir residents. Kordon, which is full of people who take their pets, guitars, children, lovers, spouses or friends and comes, is a place you can stop by after visiting Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi. It is the most popular stop where you can often see those who enjoy themselves with the light wind breeze, picnics on the spreading covers, young people playing guitar and having fun, crocus fencers, hikers and those who lie on the grass.

Why should I go? Kordon, which covers the coastline between İzmir Port and Cumhuriyet Square, is known for being fidgety, especially in spring and summer. Kordon, which hosts a view of the bay where you can see the whole city from end to end, also has cafes, bars, restaurants, fish restaurants, stylish shops, lush grass areas and parks. Kordon, which consists of a long coastline, can be the most beautiful among the things to do in Izmir on a really hot summer evening.

Miss! You will enjoy watching the sunset with your loved ones among the deep blue sea and lush green grass. The coastline, which is very crowded on weekends, appeals to people of all ages and fascinates everyone. Take a ride in the cord, whether by cycling or walking! But no matter what, enjoy this lively atmosphere of Kordon and breathe the view of Izmir! Also, do not forget to take plenty of photos.

3. Alsancak

What is this place? Alsancak, one of the most crowded districts of Izmir, attracts the appreciation of many local and foreign tourists with all the facilities and facilities it contains. We must say that Alsancak, which attracts visitors with its historical buildings, boutique museums, sea view and entertainment venues, is quite active almost every hour. We should also mention that Alsancak, which was called “Punto” in the past, was known as the center of Izmir and the richest people of the city lived around this district.

Why should I go? Alsancak is an enormous place with its old churches and historical houses that have survived from the past to the present day and shed light on history. Approximately 200 historical houses built according to Greek architecture adorn the side streets of the district and are waiting for your visit. Some houses have turned into cafes or restaurants, and some houses have become dilapidated due to neglect. However, we can say that these houses and churches are not like the old days of the neighborhood

4. Kemeraltı Bazaar

Kemeraltı Bazaar, which is connected to Konak district, has a historical past dating back to the 1600s. The bazaar, which has served as an important trade center since its establishment, has become the symbol of Izmir and has become the heart of shopping in Izmir. Kemeraltı Bazaar, which is located between Mezarlıkbaşı District and Konak Square, is also of great importance because it is one of the oldest bazaars in the world. Likened to Istanbul’s Eminönü, the Kemeraltı Bazaar welcomes thousands of tourists almost every day.

5. Bostanlı

Located in Karşıyaka, Bostanlı Beach has a very different atmosphere as well as being a lively beach. We can say that what Alsancak is to Konak is to Karşıyaka, and Bostanlı is to Karşıyaka. The coast, which spreads over a wide area, is among the indispensable addresses of young people with the largest skateboard rink in Turkey. Inside the beach; There are children’s playgrounds, sports areas, camellias, seating groups and activity areas. Apart from all these, events such as mini concerts and shows are also organized in Bostanlı Coast.

6. Izmir Bird Paradise

Located in the Çamaltı Saltworks of Çiğli district, İzmir Bird Paradise is 30 km away from Izmir city center. Izmir Bird Paradise, which is the number one address of nature lovers and photography enthusiasts, is located on an area of 8 thousand hectares. This area, which is located among the migration routes of birds, is visited by more than 50 thousand birds every year. In addition, the bird paradise, which is home to 205 bird and 314 plant species, has observation towers, binoculars and bicycle paths for you.

In Izmir Bird Paradise, which includes reeds, small islands, peninsulas and salt pools in an area of about 40 thousand hectares; You can come across many bird species such as the crested pelican, silver gull, small tern, pink-winged flamingos, gray and black storks, muddling, kukumav, kingfisher, heron birds and redwood. The bird paradise, which is protected as an archaeological site by the state, is also known for hosting the Çamaltı Salt Saltworks, which meet a significant part of Turkey’s salt needs.

7. Visit the stands on Alsancak Love Road

Alsancak Sevgi Yolu, located in the Alsancak district of Konak district, has been serving the people of Izmir and the tourists coming to the city since February 26, 2011. Alsancak Love Road, a long walking path decorated with palm trees, is one of the important symbols of Izmir. The Way of Love, which is in demand by many local and foreign visitors throughout the year, is also known as the shining star of Izmir.

Why should I go? Along the way, in the stands and stalls lined up left and right; jewelry, books, local items, magnets, souvenirs, tattoo artists and works of painters who make charcoal portraits. Before returning from Izmir, you can come here and mix the stalls as you wish and buy gifts for your loved ones. In addition, you can take a break by sitting in the cafes on the road and eating and drinking.

Did you know that? The stars inspired by Hollywood and on the road, where the names of the celebrities are written, are also on the Alsancak Love Road.

8. If You Want to Have Fun, Turn the Route to Bornova!

What is this place? Bornova, which is the largest campus of university students, has many facilities such as cafes, restaurants, children’s playgrounds and bars. It can be quite cheap, especially when it comes to being quite inexpensive! If you want to have fun while you are here, we recommend you to choose Küçükpark, Meydan or Süvari Caddesi.

Bostanli Pazari Bospa
What is this place? Bospa, also known as Bospa in Karşıyaka, is also known as Bostanlı Pazari, which is established on Wednesdays every week. In this market, which is also called the Society Market; from fresh vegetables and fruits to cheese varieties, from clothes to make-up. You can come to this market, where the products are sold quite cheaply, and you can shop if you want, or you can just browse and browse.

Republic Square
What is this place? Cumhuriyet Square, which is located between Çankaya and Alsancak districts of Konak district, is one of the most popular points of the city and at the same time another meeting point of Izmir residents. Like Taksim Square, the square where people come together in celebrations, protests or rallies is among the important squares in Izmir. Especially in the spring and summer months, the monument of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is the most remarkable part of the square.

Why should I go? This monument, which symbolizes Atatürk’s command “Armies your first target is the Mediterranean, forward!”, was damaged by fire in 1922, but was repaired, arranged and restored. Come to Cumhuriyet Square, one of the famous places of Izmir, and see the monument of Atatürk and take plenty of walks. Maybe it coincides with a celebration so you can be part of the fun.

9. Enjoy Mussel-Beer at Gündoğdu Square!

Gundogdu Square
What is this place? Gündoğdu Square, which is among the other important squares of Izmir, is located in Alsancak district of Konak district. The square, which also hosts many events such as rallies, concerts, celebrations and parades throughout the year, was opened in 2000.

Why should I go? The Republic Tree Statue, made by sculptor Ferit Özşen in 2003, is one of the buildings that attract attention in the square. If you come in the summer months, you can participate in fun and lively activities. Let’s also add that it is one of the most beautiful spots to enjoy mussel-beer.

10. Sit on Inciraltı Beach!

What is this place? İnciraltı, where only barracks used to be, is one of the places that must be seen in Izmir with its hosting of very beautiful and magnificent houses today. At the same time, İnciraltı, one of the most touristic regions of Izmir, fascinates those who come with its coast, beaches, clean air and forested areas. In this place, which is very famous for its open-air theater, vegetable gardens, colorful flowers, fish restaurants, country cafes and citrus fruits, you will witness the meeting of green and blue together.

Why should I go? In İnciraltı, which has a long coastline; You can walk, sit by the beach, eat delicious food in cafes and restaurants, watch the sunset, visit the Maritime Museum, have a picnic in the İnciraltı Urban Forest and ride a bicycle in Sahilevleri. With many more excellent points, İnciraltı should definitely be on your list!

Celebrate the 13th Republic Day in Izmir!

Republic Day
Experience! Perhaps one of the most beautiful things you should definitely do in Izmir is to celebrate the Republic Day in Izmir. Of course, such celebrations are beautiful in every city, but as you can imagine, there is another one in Izmir. 🙂 The holiday, which is celebrated with many different events such as lawn concerts and fireworks displays, is always greeted with enthusiasm.

11. Go to Konak Square!

Konak Square
What is this place? Konak Square, the heart of Izmir, is one of the three most important squares in the city with Cumhuriyet Square and Gündoğdu Square. In addition, Konak, one of the largest and most famous squares in Turkey, is one of the places where you will feel Izmir completely. In Konak Square, which is the meeting point of Izmir residents; famous Clock Tower, Government House, Konak Yali Mosque, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Building, Konak Ferry Pier and First Bullet Monument.

What is this place? Homer Valley, named after Homer, was opened in 2008. Homer, who is accepted to have lived in Izmir in the 8th century BC, is rumored to have been born here and is believed to have lived in a cave in this valley. Let’s leave the rumors aside, let us continue to explain the valley…

Why should I go? In the valley, which spreads over an area of five hundred thousand square meters; There are 18 ponds, a mini-amphitheater, picnic areas, cycling, jogging and hiking trails, as well as 103 different bird species. Homer Valley Picnic Area, which spreads over a 7 km long valley with its water embankments, wooden seating groups and ponds, is one of the great alternatives you can choose especially at the weekend.

12. Take a Time Travel in the Ancient City of Ephesus!

Ephesus Ancient City
What is this place? The ancient city of Ephesus, located on the borders of the Seljuk district of Izmir, has the feature of being one of the most famous historical places of both the country and the world. The ancient city, whose foundation dates back to 6 thousand years BC, was used as a settlement until the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. It is also said that the city was founded by female warriors known by the name of amazon, and that its name comes from a city in the kingdom of Arzawa (Mother Goddess).

The ancient city of Ephesus, which started with the Prince Androklos of Athens and peaked when the King of Pergamon Attolos left the region to the Romans, became a religious center over time. How? With the advent of Christianity, St. Paul’s preaching here for a while, and the arrival of St. John and the Virgin Mary, of course… After this date, the ancient city, which constantly changed hands, finally passed into the hands of the Turks. In this way, you will feel very clearly that it carries historical traces from every period and you will witness all this closely.

13. See the panoramic views of İzmir

Balçova Cable Car

What is this place? Located in Balçova, just opposite Izmir University of Economics, Balçova Cable Car Facilities is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of Izmir. This place, which is a recreation area with observation terraces, a walking path and a children’s playground, also has restaurants and cafes. The Balçova Cable Car, whose height is 316 meters, moves for 810 meters and can carry 1200 passengers per hour

14. Bike from Mavişehir to İnciraltı!

Bisim Bicycle
How about going to İnciraltı, one of the most interesting and touristic areas of Izmir? By bike! Are you ready to do a challenge? There is a route that will take about 40 km from Mavişehir to İnciraltı. But you have to consider that this route covers the entire bay and guess that it will be worth this trip! On this journey with Bisim, the new trend of Izmir, you will travel along the gulf and take a break from time to time to relax and enjoy the view. I think you should try this once…

How do I rent one? You have the opportunity to rent Bisim with a member card, credit card or Izmirim Card. You can easily rent the bike by going to the parking unit where there are bicycles with a continuous green light. Although the easiest solution is to issue a member card, you can pay by credit card from the website and kiosk devices at the stops or by cash from the member points at Konak Pier. The fee for the member card is 5₺ and the bicycle rental fee is 3,5 ₺ for each hour. In addition, it should be noted that the bicycle system is closed to credit card rentals between 23.00 and 06.00. Let’s add that Konak Pier is open between 11.00 and 18.45

15. Experience the excitement of the Derby!

First of all, let’s take football fans to this side. Wouldn’t you like to witness the competition of the big four of Izmir? You have the chance to watch either the Altınordu-Karşıya derby, the Göztepe-Altay derby or the Göztepe-Karşıyaka derby, the biggest derby of Izmir. If you come across one of these matches played at Izmir Atatürk Stadium or Alsancak Stadium, you should definitely experience this excitement.

16. Spa Massage

What is this place? Balçova Thermal Facilities, which is a modern facility today, is known as “Agamemnon Thermal Springs” in history and has been healing people for 2,500 years. As a Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, it is known for undertaking the most important and comprehensive task of the country in terms of health tourism with the services it provides to our world and mankind. In fact, it is often mentioned by being the first and only center to do this job today.

Why should I go? Within the thermal facility; Balneotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Electrotherapy, Ergo-Kinesitherapy, Paraffin, Actinotherapy, Diagnosis and Treatment Unit, Individual Individual Therapy, Activity and Exercise halls and Dental Clinic. In addition to these, there are 8 thermal pools of different sizes and temperatures, 37 bath rooms with thermal baths, saunas, steam room, SPA & Massage and Fitness-Center.

Apart from serving as a Spa and Cure Center, you can stay in the hotel, organize invitations and organizations, have a drink and eat in the restaurant and bar, and participate in different activities and have fun.

17. Seyir Tepesi

Located in the Bayraklı district of Izmir, Seyir Tepesi dazzles those who come with its magnificent view. The hill, which is one of the important tourism centers of the city, takes on a different beauty during the day and night. Seyir Tepesi, which is a place preferred by those who are overwhelmed by the heat especially in the summer months, is located at a point where nature meets the perfect bay view. With its nature park, observation terrace, restaurant, organizations and recreation areas, you can reach the hill, which is the address of both nature and photography enthusiasts, by shuttles departing from Karşıyaka and Konak.

18. Bergama Ancient City

The ancient city of Bergama, located in the Bakırçay Basin 100 km north of Izmir, has a historical past of 8,500 years. Bergama, one of the oldest settlements in the history of civilization, is the gate of the city opening to history with its historical heritage and cultural richness. The ancient city, which has hosted many civilizations throughout history, is of great importance in terms of world history. The ancient city, which is one of the important strategic cities of the Middle Ages with its natural beauty and healing resources, is also the capital of the Kingdom of Pergamon.

Bergama, which has signed many firsts in the field of science and cultural history since its establishment, has witnessed the birth of various sciences and the first examples of medical science developing in Anatolia. In fact, the fact that the first tools used in medicine were found in and around this ancient city supports this opinion. The ancient city, which includes artifacts belonging to the Ionian, Hellenic, Roman and Byzantine periods, is of great importance as a culture, science and art center of the Hellenistic Period.

19. Agora Open Air Museum

Agora, also known as Agora in Konak district, is located in the heart of Izmir. The Agora, which is estimated to have been founded in the Hellenistic Period in the 4th century BC, emerged as a result of excavations in 1932. Agora, which means “city square, bazaar and market place” in Greek, is the largest among the Ionian agoras. At the same time, let us state that the Agora was one of the important points where commercial, social, religious and political events as well as artistic activities took place in the Ancient Age.

Why should I go? Inside; columns, 1500-year-old tomb remains, water channels and apart from the basilica, there are many other things such as the relief of the Goddess Vesta, the reliefs of the Altar of Zeus, statues, stone, marble, bone, metal, glass and terracotta, many tomb remains belonging to the Roman and Ottoman periods. Archaeological excavations are still continuing today with the contributions of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

20. Kültürpark

Kültürpark, one of the most famous parks of Izmir, was established in 1936. Located in the district of Konak, this park hosts the most well-known fair of Izmir. Kültürpark, which includes a mass of activities, is located on an area of 420 thousand square meters and consists of more than 8 thousand trees and around 200 plant species.

In addition to the running track, indoor sports hall, swimming pool, carpet field and tennis courts, there are conference halls, indoor exhibition halls, Atatürk Open Air Theater, İzmir Art, Fair Marriage Office, İsmet İnönü Art Center, Celal Atik Sports Hall, Zoo, amusement park, Parachute Tower, Izmir History and Art Museum, Painting-Sculpture Museum and Youth Theater. When you come to the park, you will be intertwined with nature and participate in many different activities and experience the fun of the fair to the fullest.

Izmir International Fair, which is held every year in August and September, is the most established, well-known and comprehensive fair of the country. The fair, which is usually organized to include 9 September, the day of the liberation of Izmir, first started in 1923 with the guidance of Atatürk. The fair, which has been taking place for almost 100 years without any problems, is a very lively and lively festival with theaters, concerts, exhibitions, street shows, film screenings and jazz nights.

21. Alaçatı Herb Festival

Alaçatı Herb Festival is a unique festival where various herbs of Izmir and the Aegean Region are exhibited and you can taste delicious olive oils made with these herbs. In this festival, where a different weed theme is held every year, for example, the Chard theme was exhibited last year. For four days, stands in Alaçatı streets, restaurants and taverns served dishes prepared with chard grass by both local women and famous chefs.

If you love olive oil dishes and are curious about Aegean cuisine, you should follow this festival and you should not miss it. This festival not only introduces Aegean herbs to the world and Turkey, but also includes entertaining competitions. In this festival, where herbs such as sevketibostan, radish, thyme and artichoke are introduced every year, you will taste delicious dishes, attend cooking workshops and nutrition seminars with weeds and plants, and have fun at concerts.

22. Karagöl Nature Park

Karagöl Natural Park, located in Yamanlar district of Menemen district, is a place of lush natural wonder. The park, which is often preferred for weekend getaways, was declared as a natural park in 2011. You can visit the park, which includes services such as a country casino, picnic and barbecue units, caravan area and tented camping area, in May and September. It takes on an extra bit of beauty!

23. İzmir Clock Tower

The Clock Tower, the famous symbol of Izmir, was built by Grand Vizier Küçük Said Pasha in 1901 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sultan Abdülhamit’s accession to the throne. Izmir Clock Tower, whose real name is Atatürk Square but is located in the place known as Konak Square by everyone, is one of the most important and most interesting symbolic structures of the city with its elegant appearance.

24. Dario Moreno Street

Dario Moreno Street, located on Mithatpaşa Street in Konak district, is named after Dario Moreno, a Turkish guitarist, pianist and film actor of Italian-Jewish descent. The famous artist, whose real name is David Arugete Moreno, is one of the greatest artists who lived in Izmir. At the same time, Dario, who is known as an artist in love with Izmir, is known by almost everyone because he reflects this love in all his works.

25. İzmir Natural Life Park

Sasalı Zoo, also known as the Natural Life Park in Çiğli district of Izmir, was opened to service in 2008. The park, which has a great importance both in Turkey and worldwide, is located on a land of 425 thousand square meters. Izmir Natural Life Park, which is among the first choices of Izmir residents and tourists coming to the city in the spring months, attracts great attention by more than 1 million visitors a year. The zoo, which includes basically 3 species, mammals, reptiles and birds, hosts 1,500 animals from 125 varieties.

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