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Posted by david on 8 November 2023
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A Tapestry of Expat Tales: Unraveling the Turkish Experience

Turkey, a nexus of history, culture, and modernity, is not just a tourist’s paradise but a home to a vibrant expat community. Their blogs offer a window into the real Turkey, beyond the veneer of vacation brochures. Here’s a glimpse into the lives of those who’ve woven their stories into the fabric of this nation:

Istanbul Insights:
Lisa Morrow, an Australian transplant, peels back the layers of Istanbul’s bustling streets. Her blog is a treasure trove of local haunts and historical narratives, a must-read for anyone curious about the city’s soul.

Coastal Chronicles:
Natalie Sayin’s journey from British holiday rep to Aegean local is a candid exploration of Turkey’s coastal life, complete with personal anecdotes that paint a picture of the country’s rich tapestry.

Domestic Delights:
Kerry Arslan’s “Housewives Guide to Living in Turkey” is a heartfelt account of domestic life, from the trials of motherhood to the joys of village customs.

Cultural Crossroads:
Liz Cameron’s “Slowly by Slowly” is a deep dive into the complexities of a Turkish-American marriage, with Turkish Karagoz puppets as her muses.

Globetrotter’s Gazette:
Karen’s “Empty Nest Expat” blog is a compendium of cultural musings and travel tales, a testament to her journey from American mother to Istanbul explorer.

Ankara Adventures:
Terry Henson Kaymak’s transition from Pennsylvanian lawyer to Ankara expat is a narrative rich with insights on local life, from social gatherings to navigating healthcare.

Bodrum Beat:
Anne’s “Back to Bodrum” blog captures the transformation of the Bodrum Peninsula, offering a local’s perspective on everything from property to cuisine.

Metropolitan Musings:
Jennifer Hattam’s “The Turkish Life” is a journalist’s eye view of Istanbul’s societal nuances, tackling everything from language quirks to political unrest.

Culinary Quests:
Claudia’s “A Seasonal Cook In Turkey” is a gastronomic journey through Turkish cuisine, seasoned with tales from the city to the ancient village of Assos.

Rural Reflections:
Ashley and Hilary’s “Pul Biber” blog is a narrative of their travels and life in Selcuk, capturing the essence of local flora, fauna, and the everyday quirks of Turkish living.

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