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Top Things to Do in Gocek, Fethiye: Your Ultimate Guide to Beaches, Islands, and Excursions

Posted by BlogEditor on 29 June 2024
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For fun-filled holidays, the vast range of things to do in Gocek, Fethiye ticks all the boxes. Situated on the Turkish Mediterranean coastline, picturesque Gocek isn’t a destination that lures people in with miles of beaches and golden sands. Yet every day can be an exciting excursion to nearby places and attractions. The first thing to know is sailing is big business in Gocek.

The town sits in a prime position on the Turkish Riviera, with easy access to hidden coves and bays. Leaving from the marina or harbour, cruises head to many nearby places of interest, or you can jump aboard a daily boat trip to enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and copious amounts of sunshine. At some stage, most people take to the open seas, which is understandable given its allure. But there are also many more things to do that excite everyone, young and old. Let’s look at what they are.

1. Inlice Beach Near Gocek

To the sea, we go. For relaxation, stunning sunsets, and the seaside ambiance, most travelers head to Inlice Beach, just a ten-minute drive from Gocek holiday resort. Nearby bars and restaurants take care of your refreshments and food, so all you do is rent umbrellas and sunbeds and lay back and enjoy. With the clear blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, indulging in a bit of snorkeling breaks up the day. In terms of sandy beaches, Inlice is more dark than golden but still a great place to cool off in the summer months. Buses also run regularly to and from Gocek.

2. Explore Gocek Island

Islands are big business in the Fethiye region, hence the famous 12 islands boat tours. Summers exploring the seas to reach idyllic places of natural beauty is something every explorer begs to do. From Gocek holiday destination, the closest island is of the same name. Catch a water taxi from the harbour, and if your interest extends beyond exploration, you can rent sunbeds, umbrellas and there are a few places serving refreshment and food as well.

3. An Overnight Blue Cruise

Given Gocek’s waterfront location on the Turquoise coast, the town is a significant player on the Turkish Riviera, consisting of numerous blue cruises. Traditionally, these would be done on a Turkish gulet cruise. Yet, many people these days hire a private yacht charter to set their sightseeing itinerary. From here, the destination is endless, including the Dodecanese Greek islands or the secluded sunken city of Kekova and the fortress and sarcophagus of Simena. Cruises typically last three to seven days, and while sailing, keep an eye out for the endangered loggerhead turtle—more about sailing the Turkish Riviera in style.

4. Day-trip to Beachfront Oludeniz

Backed by the Taurus mountains, Oludeniz beach resort is one of many popular holiday destinations, yet a must-visit on any trip to Turkey. The prominent landmark, the Blue Lagoon, is Turkey’s most photographed beach, where you can rent sunbeds, umbrellas, and a pedalo. The most popular activity, though, paragliding off Babadag mountain, is suitable for young and old. An experienced pilot takes the reins leaving you free to enjoy your tandem ride before coming into land on the beach, backed by the promenade. Also, take the water taxi across to Butterfly Valley, a secluded place of natural beauty.

5. Other Things to Do in Fethiye

Fethiye, a 50-minute drive away from Gocek, offers up many other places of interest and sights to see. Alongside Oludeniz, other notable places, including Hisaronu, Ovacik and Calis Beach, but a great place to start is the Fethiye town centre. The Lycian tombs overlooking the main city centre are a steep walk to get to, but worth every step for the view. Also, go souvenir shopping, and enjoy refreshments in small cafes in Paspatur, the old town. Nearby at the harbour, the amphitheatre reflects generations gone before, and if history interests you, the Fethiye museum will impress. Though, our favourite place is Kayakoy ghost village, a deserted community of crumbling houses, churches, and schools.

6. Rustic Dalyan and Koycegiz

Roughly 40 minutes’ drive away, Dalyan is another destination for a fabulous family day out. We love the riverside restaurants, covered with bougainvillaea and serving traditional Turkish cuisine. But by far, the most popular thing to do is boat trips up the Dalyan delta to the mud baths. On the way, pass the tombs on the hillside overlooking the river. Belonging to the ancient Lycian empire, they were part of the former Caunos ancient city. After splashing about in the mud, spend time on Iztuzu beach, also known as turtle beach, because of the endangered loggerhead turtle that nests there. A little further on, Koycegiz lake is a great place to grab refreshments, enjoy mother nature and end your day peacefully.

7. Water Sports in Sarigerme

Also, sitting 40 minutes’ drive away, Sarigerme was a well-kept secret among Turks for many years. But roughly 15 years ago, this Turkish delight started attracting foreign holidaymakers and now is a popular beachside destination. Additionally, young, energetic teenagers love Sarigerme because of the beach club water sports centre that makes summers memorable. They can try their hand at jet skis, parasailing, windsurfing and water skiing. At the same time, wannabe scuba divers can sign up for lessons and even complete their PADI course. The nearby Ortaca market is also a great place to buy souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

8. Places to Visit in Rhodes Greek Island

During summer, every day, ferries head out from Turkish marinas to sail to Greek Islands. In the Fethiye region, the nearest island is Rhodes, one of the most famous Greek holiday destinations, belonging to the Dodecanese island group. Spend the day exploring the preserved old city part, or go shopping in small, modern boutiques. Finish with a tasty after snack in a traditional tavern so you can combine two cultures within one vacation. The ferry heads back in the evening and is just a 90-minute ride ensuring you are back in time to enjoy the nightlife.

9. Traditional Turkish Baths

Also known as a hamam, many a foreigner has a Turkish bath while on holiday. Do not assume that the practice is a tourist gimmick because Turks still indulge in this time-honoured tradition today. Head to traditional baths Gocek locals use or choose a modern one in large, all-inclusive family hotels. Wearing your swimming costume, the first thing to do is a sauna to open your pores. Then head on for a soap suds loafing to get rid of all the dead skins. Lastly, end with an olive oil massage to leave your skin looking great and refreshed. The one rule with a Turkish bath is to have one at the beginning of your holiday, which preps you up for a golden sun-kissed tan.

10. Indulge in Turkish Cuisine

If you are not staying in a full board hotel, we recommend going on a culinary journey by choosing Turkish food wherever you go. Many foreigners assume the humble kebab is the national dish, yet; the cuisine is about much more. Traditionally influenced by Persian, Middle Eastern, and Ottoman food trends, the mezes, main dishes, and puddings are to die for. Such is the growing popularity of Turkish food; chefs worldwide now recognize its importance, but of course, the best place to sample dishes is Turkey. Those who rent a holiday villa should also head to the Sunday market for fresh fruit and vegetables, and a chance to witness, how the Turks honour food. Also, take time out to try the local, national beverages, including tea, coffee, pomegranate juice, and the famous alcoholic drink of Raki.

11. Car Hire – Explore Fethiye

For the independent traveller, the best way to explore the attractions is car rental. Not only does driving give you easy access to all the places mentioned above, but tailor-made itineraries according to your own pace make for a relaxing holiday. Come across ancient ruins, discover hidden villages, get out into the surrounding countryside, or settle on a deserted beach for the afternoon. Drivers will find the current exchange rate of Turkish lira to otherworldly currencies, which means they get exceptional value for money when hiring a car, and the freedom to go where the open road goes is just a bonus.

12. Saklikent Gorge and Tlos Ancient Ruins

Although Saklikent Gorge is a 70-minute drive away from Gocek, it is worth travelling to see a stunning sight of natural beauty. Sitting within two mountain ranges separated after an earthquake thousands of years ago, a fast-flowing river among them has become one of the eastern Mediterranean’s most beautiful sites of natural beauty. Walk the path at the side of the gorge to the viewing place, and the more energetic or curious travellers can also head further into the canyon. Enjoy lunch in a riverside restaurant or head to Yaka park, a famous trout farm with a connecting restaurant. Finish the day exploring Tlos Ancient ruins of Tlos and its marvellous blend of Ottoman, Roman and Byzantine architecture.

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