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Discover the Hidden Gem of Yaliciftlik: Bodrum’s Untouched Coastal Paradise

Posted by BlogEditor on 3 July 2024
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Just 20 kilometres, or a 25-minute drive from Bodrum town centre, Yaliciftlik remains a lesser-known gem on the Bodrum peninsula, often overlooked by international travel publications. For many Turks, however, this tranquil resort is a beloved retreat, untouched by the bustling tourism that characterizes other parts of the region.

About Yaliciftlik in Bodrum

bodrum real estate yaliciftlik

bodrum real estate yaliciftlik

Yaliciftlik’s charm is undeniable. The combination of lush pine forests and the sparkling blue waters of the Aegean Sea creates a picturesque landscape, ideal for those seeking a serene escape. Unlike other coastal resorts that have embraced modernization and extensive development, Yaliciftlik retains its natural allure, with minimal intrusion from hotels and holiday homes.

Things to Do in Yaliciftlik

Yaliciftlik offers a variety of activities that highlight its natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Sailing and Boat Trips

This area is a popular starting point for gulet trips sailing through the Gokova Gulf. These journeys explore the stunning bay between Bodrum and the Datca peninsula, revealing hidden coves and pristine waters. Daily boat trips also offer opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxation along the coastline.

Water Sports

For those seeking adventure, the blue flag beaches of Yaliciftlik provide a range of water sports. Rent equipment by the hour and enjoy activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, and windsurfing.

Hiking and Trekking

The hills surrounding Yaliciftlik are perfect for hiking and trekking. After enjoying a traditional Turkish village breakfast, explore the ancient remains of Syangela in the nearby Alaz Zeytin village of Pinardag.

Camel Wrestling

In autumn, Yaliciftlik hosts camel wrestling events, a time-honoured tradition attracting spectators from across Bodrum. While the younger generation may show less interest, the event remains a festive occasion with BBQs, Raki, and village bands.

Local Markets

Visit the weekly village market in Yaliciftlik and the nearby Kizilagac village. These markets are a staple of Turkish culture, offering fresh produce, cheese, and olives directly from farmers.


Yaliciftlik’s long, uncrowded beach is perfect for relaxation. Enjoy traditional Aegean cuisine, featuring fresh fish and seafood at seaside restaurants, while soaking in the area’s natural beauty.

Buying Property in Yaliciftlik

bodrum real estate yaliciftlik

bodrum real estate yaliciftlik

Due to its unspoiled landscapes, Yaliciftlik offers a select portfolio of real estate options. While the lack of surplus housing drives up prices per square meter compared to budget destinations, the available properties are impressive. Options range from luxurious millionaire residences with housekeeping, chef, and concierge services to rustic hillside cottages that immerse residents in nature.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful holiday home or a long-term investment, Yaliciftlik provides a unique opportunity to own property in one of Bodrum’s most picturesque and tranquil areas. Enjoy the blend of traditional Turkish charm and natural beauty that makes Yaliciftlik a true hidden gem on the Aegean coast.

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