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Living in Fethiye, Turkey: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted by BlogEditor on 6 July 2024
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Congratulations on considering Fethiye as your next home destination! Nestled in Turkey’s Mediterranean south coast, the Fethiye region boasts stunning landscapes, charming bays, and a relaxed, sophisticated atmosphere. It’s no wonder many foreigners choose to buy homes here, whether for holidays, year-round living, or long-term investment.

About Living in Fethiye

Weather in Fethiye

Fethiye enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Summers are perfect for beach activities and outdoor dining, while winters are ideal for exploring the region’s natural beauty and historical sites. Most expats use portable heaters or air conditioning units to keep their homes warm during the cooler months.

Tourism in Fethiye

Tourism is a significant income source for Fethiye, with a bustling season from May to October. Outside these months, the town center remains lively, while quieter areas may see some closures. The overall pace slows, offering a more relaxed lifestyle year-round.

Exploring and Making Friends

Fethiye offers a wealth of activities and landmarks to explore, from Oludeniz Beach and Butterfly Valley to historical sites like the Fethiye rock tombs and Kayakoy Ghost Village. Social groups and community organizations, such as the Calis Beach Life group and Fethiye International Group, provide ample opportunities to make friends and engage in local activities.

Housing in Fethiye

Rent or Buy?

Deciding whether to rent or buy property in Fethiye depends on your long-term plans. Renting allows you to experience the area before committing, while buying is ideal for those certain about making Fethiye their permanent home. If you’re considering buying, check our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale.

Cost of Living

Living costs in Fethiye are relatively affordable. A couple can live comfortably on a monthly budget of 30,000 Turkish Lira. This includes utilities, dining out, and other expenses. However, factors like smoking, drinking, and running a car can increase costs. Don’t forget to budget for residency permits, healthcare, and travel expenses.

Practical Considerations

Transporting Belongings and Pets

Moving household items can be costly due to high taxes at customs. Many expats find it cheaper to buy new items in Turkey. Bringing pets into Turkey involves specific procedures, including vaccinations, health certificates, and microchipping. It’s often easier and less stressful for pets to be transported by road.

Bringing a Car

Bringing a car to Turkey permanently is possible but comes with restrictions and a lot of paperwork. Many expats choose to buy a car locally or rely on the efficient public transport system.

Health Insurance and Residency Visa

You’ll need health insurance and a residency permit to live in Turkey long-term. The permit process includes showing proof of address, financial stability, and healthcare coverage. Permits are usually issued for one year initially, then for two years upon renewal.

Education for Children

Fethiye offers both public and private school options. Private schools often follow an international curriculum, which is beneficial if your children might leave Turkey in the future. Consider whether your children will stay in Turkey permanently when choosing between public and private schools.

Best Places to Live in Fethiye

  1. Calis Beach: Known for its long promenade and lively expat community. It’s close to the town center and offers a range of amenities.
  2. Ovacik and Hisaronu: Family-friendly resorts near Oludeniz, offering large villas and a relaxed lifestyle.
  3. Gocek: Ideal for those seeking an upscale, sailing vibe. Gocek’s marinas and low-rise buildings maintain its luxury feel.
  4. Kayakoy Village: Perfect for those wanting a quiet, traditional lifestyle with historical charm.
  5. Uzumlu: A mountain village offering cheaper land and a peaceful, scenic environment.
  6. Fethiye Town Centre: Ideal for being in the heart of the action with good shopping, transport, and nightlife.
  7. Seydikemer: A rural town with future potential, perfect for those seeking a quieter life.
  8. Faralya: Offers stunning sea views and an adventurous lifestyle, though it’s more remote.
  9. Sovalye Island: For luxury living on an island, just a short water taxi ride from the mainland.

Final Tips

  • Learning Turkish: While many expats live in Turkey without speaking Turkish, learning the language can significantly enhance your experience and integration.
  • Making Friends: Joining local expat groups and participating in community activities can help you settle in and build a social network.
  • Travel and Explore: Take advantage of Fethiye’s location to explore other beautiful regions of Turkey, such as Antalya, Cappadocia, and Istanbul.

By understanding the local lifestyle, housing options, and practical considerations, you can make a smooth transition to living in Fethiye and enjoy all that this beautiful region has to offer.

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