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Living in Ortakent: A Comprehensive Guide to Turkey’s Hidden Gem

Posted by BlogEditor on 7 July 2024
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All About Ortakent: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

To learn all about Ortakent, it is to delve into one of Turkey’s most favoured seaside resorts. Despite its low profile on the international travel scene, Turks know it as a prominent destination, full of beautiful tangerine orchards and home to the peninsula’s largest shopping mall, and many medical facilities. Anyone exploring the Bodrum peninsula would do well to visit the area. A stunning beach and laid-back lifestyle by the sea also entices many foreigners moving to Turkey to choose it.

Historical Overview

Sitting on the peninsula’s eastern side and 10 kilometres away from Bodrum town centre, historians tell us its roots stem back 3500 years to the Mycenaean civilisation, and they called it Episkopi. In later years this changed to Musgebi before adopting the name we know now, which is significant because it refers to its geographical position as in the middle of the Turgutreis, Bodrum highway.

Separating into two districts; the inland, a hub of business and shops, and then the beach, 3 kilometres away, tourists and house hunters adore the town. Going back pre 2000, the two districts were separate towns before joining, but still, old-time locals call the beach district by its old name Yahsi.

Yahsi Ortakent Beach: A Summer Delight

The 2-kilometre-long, blue flag Ortakent beach, hosts a good deal of water sports companies who offer a range of activities from para-gliding to scuba diving to jet skis and banana boats. Most of it is fine sand rather than pebbles and thanks to its geographical location; the water is warm from May through to October. Another appealing aspect is that when going into the sea, about ten metres remain shallow before sloping more in-depth, and this makes it ideal for families with young children. On a clear day, glimpse across the Aegean to see Kos in the distance. Restaurants and cafes backing the beach, also serve refreshments and meals, making this a relaxing, carefree day.

Oyfest Ortakent Festival: Fun for Everyone

This festival held in June promotes local culture, heritage and also the joys of Spring. Events held include water sport lessons, sports tournaments, painting workshops, table tennis, and backgammon games. Music groups play to the masses, and local artisans display their wares, at the local products, antique and art fair.

9 Other Things to do in Ortakent

  1. Funtown Yahsi Park: This family-friendly destination is the go-to point, for paint balling, table tennis, and go-karting, three activities that even hardcore, serious adults like to indulge in.
  2. Daily Boat Trips: Cruising along the coastline, stopping for refreshing swims in hidden coves and bays, and enjoying a delicious BBQ lunch onboard make this a favourite daytime activity around Turkey.
  3. Turkish Bath: Best done at the beginning of your holiday, to prepare for a golden, sunkissed tan, this cultural activity is not just a tourist gimmick, but still part of Turkish daily life.
  4. Dibekli Han Culture and Art Village: As well as hosting art fairs, and exhibitions, this venue is a popular wedding and engagement hall. Open from 10 a.m. an on-site café also serves refreshments.
  5. Camel Beach: Beach lovers should also head west along the coastline to visit this famous and beautiful beach.
  6. Dedeman Aqua Park: Featuring splash pools, alongside many water rides for adults and kids, this refreshing water park is welcoming relief from the summer heat.
  7. Bodrum Golf and Tennis Club: If you feel the need to destress through physical sports, an 18-golf course and five tennis courts should do the trick. This establishment also offers lessons for wannabe golfers and tennis enthusiasts.
  8. Shopping Highlights: Visit Midtown for a small shopping mall experience. Otherwise, the local Wednesday market sells fresh fruit and farmer direct from the farmer, while Friday’s market is all about textiles.
  9. Turkish Breakfast: A favourite Turkish activity, at weekends is eating organic village breakfasts of which Yarbasas serves one of the best.

Buying Property and Living in Ortakent

Anyone looking to become a Turkish property owner would do well to look at the town. With a typical seaside resort atmosphere, it offers everything for daily living, and is just a short drive from the main bus station and airport, making it easy to get to from other destinations in Turkey and the world. Its portfolio is all-encompassing from budget, beach-side apartments to large, luxury villas with all modern conveniences. See our listings of property for sale in Bodrum Ortakent and fill in the enquiry form to receive more details about any home to arrange a time and date for viewing.

Explore More About Living in Ortakent

This guide provides an in-depth look at why Ortakent is a hidden gem in Turkey, ideal for tourists and potential property buyers. Whether you’re looking for a holiday destination or considering a long-term investment, Ortakent offers a unique blend of historical charm, modern amenities, and natural beauty.

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