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Moving to Turkey: 9 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself

Posted by BlogEditor on 9 July 2024
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1. Have You Done Your Homework?

Before buying property in Turkey, research the local infrastructure and amenities. Consider proximity to hospitals, especially if you have health conditions. If you have children, visit local schools. Remote villages might lack internet and phone services, making it difficult to stay in touch with family and friends. Ensure the area suits your lifestyle and needs.

2. Can You Afford the Lifestyle You Desire?

Securing a work permit in Turkey can be challenging. Ensure you have sufficient funds to cover living expenses. Consider transferring overseas pensions or utilizing high-interest savings accounts in Turkey, which offer rates between 8% and 10%.

3. Are You in Good Health?

Compulsory medical insurance is required for residents under 65. Doctor visits can cost about 150 TL, and serious conditions like heart attacks can incur costs of 20,000 TL or more. Factor medical insurance into your living costs to ensure adequate healthcare coverage.

4. Are Your Children Moving with You?

Turkish government schools can help children integrate, but parents may struggle with the language and educational process. Alternatively, consider enrolling your children in private fee-paying schools.

5. Are You Familiar with Turkey’s Visa Regulations?

Initially, apply for an e-Visa online for a 90-day stay within a 180-day period. For longer stays, apply for a residency permit. Requirements include a valid passport, entry stamp photocopies, recent passport-sized photographs, a valid Turkish tourist visa, proof of address, property title deeds or rental agreement, a Turkish bank statement, and a Turkish tax number from the local tax office.

6. How Much Will You Miss Your Family and Friends?

Consider the emotional impact of missing family, especially grandchildren. While flights to Turkey can be affordable, you may rely on Skype for communication. Regular travel may be costly, leading to extended periods without seeing loved ones.

7. Can You Avoid the Expat Syndrome?

Within three years, some expats experience boredom and disillusionment, leading to frequent bar visits or returning home. Ensure you have interests and hobbies to keep your life engaging. Consider starting a new project, taking up a course, or exploring travel opportunities.

8. Are You Interested in Learning a Different Language and Culture?

Embrace the local culture by learning Turkish and understanding local customs. Enroll in a language course and make an effort to learn about cultural and religious practices, such as Ramadan, to integrate better with your community.

9. Are You Bringing Your Family Pet with You?

Transporting pets to Turkey requires proper documentation, health certification, and an ISO-compatible microchip. Ensure your pet can adapt to the new climate and environment. Plan ahead to meet all import requirements and ensure a smooth transition for your furry friend.

By considering these questions, you can make an informed decision about moving to Turkey, ensuring a smoother transition and a fulfilling experience in your new home.

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