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What is the cost of living in Izmir Turkey?

Posted by david on 25 October 2021
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The cost of living in the province of Izmir

If you think about living in Izmir, You can find some answers to the question”What is the cost of living in Izmir Turkey?” blog page. We can provide you with detailed answers regarding this topic.

Overall Family expenses in Izmir

For a family of four, the estimated monthly costs are 10,195 TL without rent. For a single person, the estimated monthly costs are 2,933.81 TL without rent. The cost of living index in Izmir is 9.23% lower than in Istanbul. Real-Estate in Izmir is, on average, 31.24% lower priced than in Istanbul.

Restaurant and bar costs in Izmir

In general, we can say that restaurants and bars are less expensive than in Istanbul. Cesme however is a luxurious coastal city and prices are higher than in Izmir. If we compare prices with the other luxury coastal town Bodrum, the prices in Cesme are a bit lower.

Nevertheless, Cesme is still a very affordable place in comparison with the luxury seaside resorts in France, Spain, or Dubai. The costs for a complete fancy dinner in a luxurious restaurant in a Yacht harbor in Cesme are around $ 30 dollars for each person including a few alcoholic beverages.

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