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How much do properties in Çeşme cost?

Posted by david on 27 October 2021
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Cost of properties in Çeşme

A lot of people are often wondering how much properties in Çeşme cost. Cesme is a high-quality seaside town; luxury properties, new boutique hotels, and fine dining restaurants are located in this area. In the centre of Cesme a full-facility Yacht harbor was built in 2010, and a few years later a Yacht harbour in the close by area Alaçatı Port. Foreign tourists are starting to discover Cesme, and luxury cruise ships are stopping by in Çeşme these days. Furthermore there is an international ferry harbour in Cesme which provides direct trips to different Greek Islands with Chios as closest destination (45 minutes/€ 25). In 2019 the highway from Istanbul to Izmir was finished and it takes approximately 4 hours to reach Cesme from Istanbul. Many foreigners compare Cesme with their luxury properties as the Turkish “Saint Tropez” or “Monaco”.

General information Çeşme

Çeşme has 10 main districts and other neighbourhoods where you can select a suitable holiday house. These main districts are: Alaçatı, Ilıca, Paşalimanı, Şifne, Ardıç, Boyalık, Dalyan, Ovacık, Ildır and Germiyan. Aegean location has made a careful selection of the highest quality properties in Cesme. Although there are more projects offered in Cesme, we make a selection of properties located in the best areas in combination with high construction quality.

Prices properties for sale in Çeşme

A rough overview for prices of a property or holiday house in Cesme can be drawn as follows: In the luxurious district Alaçatı, a newly built 3 bedroom villa with a swimming pool can be found at around $ 650.000. However, it is possible to find a second-hand resell property for a lower price. The newly developing district “Şifne” offers new construction villas starting from $ 350.000 with a private swimming pool. In the areas, Dalyan, Ovacık, and Germiyan more affordable properties can be found.

The previously mentioned locations are all well-known areas and have a popular image among local property buyers as well as investors. The capital gain on these properties in Cesme is approximately %10 in dollars a year.

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