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Food & Fall / Winter in Izmir

Posted by david on 15 November 2021
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Seasonal Shifts Izmir

Seasonal shifts in Izmir are in general quite subtle, you will notice a small change in degrees during the fall time in Izmir. New harvests are making their way to the local markets and restaurants around September. Farmers in Izmir are still providing fresh products from their fields. Quince, pumpkins and pomegranates are popular in this period of the year. A common desert in this period of the year is called “Kabak Tatlısı” and made of pumpkin. Celery root, onions, carrots and beets are in season. Since Izmir and Çeşme are located next to the Aegean Sea, there is an abundance of seafood.

Fishing Season Izmir

In the province Izmir, September marks the start of the fishing season. There are plenty of open-air fish auctions. Many residents and property owners in Izmir are in good contact with local fishermen. Apart from the local fish auctions, there are hundreds of specialized fish retailers who are offering a huge variety of fresh options and cleaning it to your specifications.

Vineyards Izmir

September is also the month for grape harvest in this region. Izmir is home to many vineyards and most of them can be found in Urla. A mix of some big and small producers became masters at making high-quality wines. Therefore there is a big global and national demand for wines from this area. After the grape harvest is finished, October is the time for gathering olives.

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