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Real Estate Turkey Valuation Report Regulations

Posted by david on 8 November 2021
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Purchase of real estate in Turkey

The purchase of properties in Turkey has multiple advantages in comparison with other countries. Apart from buying real estate in Izmir or other areas in Turkey as an investment, foreigners purchase properties to get citizenship in Turkey.

Mandatory Valuation Report Property Turkey

Starting from 2019, it became mandatory for foreign property buyers to apply for the services of an official surveyor. These surveyors are issuing a valuation report, used by the “Tapu Office” to register ownership of the selected property in Izmir or other areas in Turkey. 

This appraisal or valuation report is showing the market value of your property in Turkey. Furthermore details like; the size of the property, the locations, and other details are included in this report. Pictures from the outside and inside of the property are added, including the debt status and technical features of your property in Izmir, Turkey. An independent analysis is made with positive and negative points of the property in Turkey. The average costs for these appraisal services are around 3.000 Turkish Lira and are valid for maximum of 3 months.

Online appliance Appraisal real estate Turkey

The department of Real Estate and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization announced that from the 20th of September 2021, everybody has to apply online for a surveyor, which will be selected by the ministry to evaluate the real estate in Izmir or other areas in Turkey. This rule is introduced to protect foreign property buyers in Turkey against fraud and cancellation of sales.

Aegean Locations and Appraisal report

Aegean Locations is assuring our valued clients by working with the most reliable developers and private sellers. We are guiding the whole process with the valuation experts, and A to Z assistance with the whole purchase process of your most suitable property in Izmir.

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