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Rise in prices of Land in Turkey due to pandemic

Posted by david on 21 November 2021
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Prices of plots increased in Turkey

The prices of plots have dramatically increased due to the pandemic in combination with some fear of earthquake over the past years. The amount of plot sales was higher than the amount of house sales in Turkey.

Highest demand provinces

Real estate experts mention that there is a very big demand for six provinces:
The southern provinces of Antalya and Mersin, the North-western provinces of Çanakkale and Balıkesir. The most popular provinces are the Aegean provinces of Izmir and Muğla.

A lot of people purchase these plots to build houses and move out of crowded cities.
The second group is purchasing these plots for investment reasons only.

Statistics of land sales

The statistics are clearly showing the demand, with 950.000 land sales in the first nine months of 2021. The amount of houses sold in the same period is around 920.000. Because of this reason the cost per square meter increased for most of the offered plots for sale in Turkey.

We see the following price increases divided by province:
Izmir is number one, with a price increase of 178 % in two years. Muğla comes in second with 143 % over the last 2 years. In Çanakkale a rise of 131 % is recorded, In Mersin 105%, 91% in Balıkesir and 87 percent in Antalya. 

Popular districts

The most popular districts were people bought plots are Izmir, Seferihisar, Urla and Dikili. Some other high demand areas in Muğla are: Marmaris, Datça and Bodrum. In Çanakkale, Geyikli is a popular area. Kaş is a wanted area in Alanya.

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