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Perfectly restored Mosaics in ancient Izmir

Posted by david on 22 November 2021
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Metropolis Izmir

In the western province of Izmir, an ancient city called Metropolis is located in Torbalı district. The ancient site has a history dating back to 1.800 years and the mosaics were restored in all detail. 

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism carried out the restoration project. Metropolis is also known as the City of the Mother Goddess. Modern techniques were used in order to preserve colours and the structure of the mosaics. In the mosaics paintings of Greek gods Eros, Dionysus and his wife Ariadne are shown.

History of Metropolis Izmir

Metropolis is a combination of Central Anatolia and the Aegean region. There are very rich and fertile lands located in this area. It is thought that Metropolis was used as a guest house. Historical experts say that quests were hosted here for the theatre. Therefore, the god of theatre and entertainment, Dionysus is often used in the mosaics.

The mosaic was unearthed in the 1990s. Later on in 2021 restoration experts, made the important mosaics look better and protected.

Location Metropolis Izmir

Metropolis is located 40 kilometres from Izmir and 45 kilometres from the ancient city of Ephesus. Many property buyers are interested in Izmir because of the numerous historical sites which are located in this area.

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