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House sales in Turkey to Foreigners increased more than 25 % in Sept 2021

Posted by david on 23 November 2021
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House sales to foreigners in Turkey statistics

The statistical authority in Turkey announced that property sales to foreigners increased with 25.8 percent on a yearly basis in September. According to a statement of the TÜİK, the Turkish Statistical Institute mentioned that foreigners bought 6.630 properties in the month September 2021.

Out of the total house sales including local buyers, foreigners bought 4.5 %.
The province with the most transactions is Istanbul, 2.995 houses were sold to foreigners, followed by the Mediterranean area Antalya with 1.358 and 408 unit in Ankara.

Which foreigners bought the majority of the properties in Turkey?

The biggest group of foreign buyers are Iranians who purchased 1.323 houses in the month September. The second group are Iraqis with 990 followed by Russians with 540. The number of total residential sales in September was 147.143 units, which is an increase of 7.6 %. House sales with loans and mortgages however decreased with 16.4% to 29.759.

Where did foreigners buy the most property in Turkey?

The majority of sales were made in Istanbul, with 28.229 units, followed by Ankara with 14.218 and Izmir with 8.806 properties. In the period from January to September the total house sales decreased by 18.3 percent in comparison to the same period last year. 

High demand for properties in Izmir

Locally we see a high increase in preference for properties in Izmir over properties in Istanbul since the area is more comfortable for retirement.

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