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How much deposit do I need to buy a house in Turkey?

Posted by david on 26 March 2022
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How much deposit is a seller or developer asking to purchase a property in Turkey?

Sales agreement property purchase Turkey

If a customer selected their ideal dream home or property in Turkey, İzmir or Çeşme, a sales agreement will be organized by Aegean Locations. In this sales agreement, information is given regarding the property details, title deed exchange date and other terms and conditions.

How much deposit ?

A private seller or developer always determines the amount of deposit which has to be made to reserve the property. It is quite common that pre-payment rates of around %5 to %10 of the purchase price are used.

Services Aegean Locations

Aegean Locations always organizes the official sales agreements which are approved by the chamber of commerce. These agreements will protect the client if they want to buy a house in Turkey.

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