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Do you get residency if you buy a property in Turkey?

Posted by david on 9 April 2022
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A short explanation regarding residency if you buy a property in Turkey:

Introduction on Visas and permanent residency for property owners in Turkey

According to the Turkish law, if you buy a property in Turkey, you can obtain a residence permit. You are able to receive a 1-year permanent residency which can be renewed every year. Many property buyers choose to relocate to Turkey, or just have a second home in this amazing country. Furthermore, the Turkish government provides you the option to apply for Turkish citizenship if you stay in Turkey for 5 years.

No minimum investment for residency

In order to obtain a residence permit in Turkey there are no certain restrictions related to the value of the property in Turkey. The main necessary document is the title deed, which is called a “Tapu” in Turkey.

Residency in Turkey during appliance

In the appliance period for the residence permit, the property buyer can use the touristic permission which can be used for 3 months. After the appliance, a document can be provided to the applicant, in case he or she wants to travel abroad or if the procedure takes longer than 3 months.

The following documents are needed to apply for a residence permit in Turkey:

  • Passport, photocopy of the passport (original and copy).
  • 4 Colour biometric photographs.
  • A mandatory health insurance in Turkey (yearly fee of around 2.000 TRY)
  • The application form provided by the Migration office.
  • Ownership document (title deed) of your property in Turkey (Tapu), original and copy.

Other details regarding a residence permit in Turkey

The residency permit is issued when the Turkish government approved it. In general, a maximum issue period of 2 months can be expected. It is possible to renew the residency for 1 year each year with the above-mentioned documents. The residence permit can be issued for the family members of the property owner as well. This residence permit does not allow foreigners to work in Turkey. For this a separate work permit has to be issued.

Aegean Locations and Residence Permits

Aegean Locations has a reliable partner who is a legal expert, and specializes in the appliance of residence permits for property buyers in İzmir or Çeşme. This office is taking care of all details and a service fee of 3.000 TL per person including health insurance is charged. Furthermore, there are some registration and tax costs of around 1.500 TL for each applicant.

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