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A Brief Guide of İzmir

Posted by david on 10 June 2022
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Information About Izmir, Turkey
A Brief Guide

Are you looking for information about Izmir, Turkey? So you are at the right place! Filling the western side of Turkey with its full glory lies Izmir, it is the 3rd most populous city in the country.

Once famous as Smyrna, today it stands as an advanced, modern, well-developed, and busy city with commercial areas, a vast bay with surrounding waters and mountains. Also, it has around 8000 years of history and multi-cultural influences.

Relevant Information about Izmir, Turkey:

A Multi-Cultural City

After you have entered the realm of Izmir, broad boulevards, glass buildings, stone houses, expansive balconies opening to sea views, and red-tiled roofs are what you will observe. Furthermore, the city is a mix of multiple cultures. Persians, Romans, Ottomans, Ancient Greeks, etc., have lived here.

Each culture has left pieces of it in the city as a gift to Turkey. Be it Roman ruins Agora, 18th-century marketplaces, or decades-old churches. One of the reasons for its dynamic nature in terms of economy and socialism is that it has been home to different civilizations in history.

The Ideal Locations

Izmir has the most advantageous location in Turkey. It is situated along with the Anatolian coats, thus, counted as a significant mercantile city of the Mediterranean Sea throughout history. Its port is the main port in Turkey where exports take place.

What is it Like Living in Izmir?

Living in this captivating city of Turkey comes with several benefits and perks. The city is ideal not only as a destination spot but also for living, housing as well as conducting business. While the Aegean Sea adds to the city’s beauty, the real estate in Izmir plays a significant role in attracting international investors.

The universities here enroll some students from Arab and other countries. Also, the companies hire employees of different nationalities every year to bring more talent to the country.

There is nothing that this city is short of. Good transportation, a healthy lifestyle, clean air, high commercialism, and many tourist attractions make it a complete city. Moreover, the trade fairs of Izmir encourage traders from different states to trade with Turkey.

Costs of living in Izmir

Life in Izmir is not expensive. In fact, it is a well-developed city where the rich and the poor have many things in common such as the transportation they use, the shops they buy goods from, etc. Comparing it with other cities globally that have the same elegance, beauty, and nature, Izmir stands financially cheaper.

The basic living costs include food, public transportation, apartment rent, education, and entertainment activities such as eating out or clubbing expenses. Thus, the overall cost of living here varies from family to family. The factors expenses depend on can be financial affordability, life needs, number of family members, and the number of income sources.

Final Words

Every year, many people move to Izmir for better life opportunities. This city can serve you whether you are a student looking for standard higher education at affordable fees or a graduate seeking an excellent company to work for. Get in contact with Aegean Locations to find more Izmir, Turkey information.

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