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Things to Do in İzmir

Posted by david on 25 June 2022
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Top 4 Astonishing Things to Do in Izmir

All curious tourists searching for the best destinations and adventures find their answers in Izmir, Turkey. This international port city has a multi-layered history, and yes, it has been ruled and resided by more than one culture. From Romans to Ottomans, Jews, and Levantines, the city results from many cultural influences. Along with the top sights to see here, you will also find some fantastic things to do in Izmir!

Things to Do in Izmir

Let’s explore the details of these top 4 things to do in Izmir:

1- Hang Out in Konak Square

Konal Square is located in downtown Izmir. It is famous for the beautiful and tall Clock Tower in the middle. A German Emperor named Wilhelm II gifted the tower to the Ottoman King named Abdulhamit II. Now the tower is regarded as the city symbol.

The vast open ground and date trees standing on different points make the Square a beautiful place. If you still get left with free time after hanging out, head to the old marketplace next to the Square to explore more about Turkey.

2- Visit Culture Park

Culture Park is where festivals, book fairs, and different public occasions happen throughout the year. When you feel tired of roaming around in the city, get an escape from the city noise in Culture Park. The lush green gardens, water fountains, and seasonal flowers will please your mind and soul.

If your visit is during springs, you will get to enjoy the Izmir Book Fair that goes on for around ten days. However, in summer, you can enjoy attending concerts where musicians and artists from different countries perform live. Do not forget to stop by the Museum of History and Art in the park.

3- Kadifekale & the Atatürk Stone Sculpture

Pagos Hill in Izmir is where you will find the great Kadifekale Castle. The word Kadifekale means velvet castle. Climbing the hill can be a great idea since the city views from the top are amazing. You can see the whole of Izmir, the surrounding waters, and the bordering mountains. Other than the walls and towers of the castle, the Byzantine cisterns are also worth praising.

The Ataturk Stone Sculpture is also a representative of Izmir. Designed with sensitivity and subtlety, the sculpture is enormous and well-detailed.

4- Explore Alsancak Neighborhood

Alsancak is a neighborhood in the downtown area of the city. You should have some days dedicated to this area on your list. From restaurants to bars, hotels, cafes, and taverns, Alsancak is a perfect entertainment spot.

Be it outdoor beer gardens or family-run bakeries, and you will have a lot to do in this place. Turkey’s unique dishes, such as boyoz pastry, piping hot tea, and Serpme Kahvalti (Turkish breakfast), are worth trying. Plevne Boulevard is a stop for shopping lovers.


When you are in Izmir, every activity is rich in culture and full of excitement, be it feasting with the locals in Alsancak Neighborhood or having a walk around the Clock Tower. If you want to move to Izmir or buy property in the city do not hesitate to contact us.

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