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Owning a Home in İzmir

Posted by david on 26 June 2022
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This article is providing some information regarding the benefits of owning a home in İzmir

With beautiful coastlines, warm and friendly people, a vibrant city, living in İzmir is a dream for many. If you’re thinking about moving, you have to make one decision: to rent or own your new property. Rising rents, good returns and capital accumulation are good reasons to buy a property in İzmir.

These are some of the benefits, and how buying process looks like:

Citizenship and Residence Benefits
Anyone who buys a property for $400,000 or more and owns the property for three years is eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship and obtain a passport that allows visa-free or visa-free travel to 104 countries. Individuals who purchase a property with a minimum price of $75,000 are eligible for a residency permit.

Access to health services
The Turkish health system is impressive. With residence permit in Turkey, you are able to access the public health system “SGK”, which gives you access to public hospitals. Even without an SGK, you have the right to consult doctors in general practitioner centers for advice and basic interventions (including taking blood). work and some routine checks). To do this, log into ENABIZ (Personal Health System) with your TC ID number 99 and assign yourself a hospital in your area and request an appointment.

The buying process at Aegean Locations:

-Contact us to discuss which neighborhoods and property types are right for you and to view some options of our extensive portfolio.
-View available properties in person or online and choose the one that’s right for you with our expert guidance.
-Our experts will take responsibility and perform a full property inspection, including checking that all permits and records are in order.
-After authorizing the purchase of the property, we support you during the purchase process.
-Everything you need after signing the contract.
-The documents are sent to the competent authorities.


You can enroll your children in public schools for free. There are also continuing education courses for adults through the ISMEK program. Here you can learn Turkish and if your level is good enough you have a variety of courses to choose from covering different areas such as: cooking, vocational training. skills, fine arts and more.

Art and Culture

Once you have received a residence permit, purchasing the Muze Kart (Museum Card) will give you discounted entry to Turkey’s museums and heritage sites run by local and national governments. For a one-time fee that often costs less than entry to some top attractions. Some private museums also offer free admission for residents once a week on certain days. Also, some shows and tickets to amusement parks etc. Often they provide offers with an exclusive rate for locals.

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