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Information about Work permits in Turkey

Posted by david on 14 July 2022
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Work permit Turkey-İzmir

A work permit, also known as a work visa, is a document that shows a person’s employment status in a foreign country. Different countries have different ways of issuing work permits to foreign workers. There are sanctions for employers with foreign workers who are unemployed. Foreign workers found without a work permit can also be deported. Foreign workers working for companies or self-employed must ensure they obtain a work permit from the Department of Labor and Social Security under the Foreigners Work Permit Act, there are four different types of work permits in Turkey (described below) and different workers fall into different categories. Work Permit for a Fixed Period When a foreigner applies for a work permit and is accepted under Labor Law No. 6735, the work permit is granted for a period of one year. The duration of the work permit cannot exceed the term of the employment contract signed by the employer. After this period, the worker can be granted a two-year work permit if they wish to continue working in Country and as long as they continue to work in the same company. The following applications will be granted a maximum three-year work permit.

Independent Work Permit

With this special permit, the Ministry judges who gets this work permit based on the following criteria. On the other hand, the level of education also plays a role in professional experience. In order for someone to also qualify for an independent work permit, their contribution to the country’s science and technology industry is assessed. In addition, the Ministry financially assesses a person’s investment contribution to Turkey. If an individual has invested in the country and is a shareholder in a foreign company, they have the opportunity to qualify for an independent work permit. Turquoise Card As the demand for work permits increases every year, the Turkish government has introduced a Turquoise Card. It is awarded to highly qualified individuals such as artists, scientists, athletes, investors or owners of real estate in the country. The turquoise card is valid as a work permit or as a permanent residence permit. Turquoise cardholder’s wife/husband and children (under 18 years old) are eligible for permanent residence. However, this card can be revoked or deleted if a person submits forged documents or does not work for more than 6 months. If a Turquoise cardholder does not renew their passport or does not return to Turkey within two years of travel, the card will be cancelled.

Work Permit for an Indefinite Period

Foreigners in Turkey who have a long-term residence permit and work permit with a minimum of eight years are allowed to apply for an indefinite period work permit. A Turkish foreigner with an indefinite period work permit can benefit from rights granted to Turkish citizens expect rights which include military service, the right to be voted and elected, and a right to work at a public service institution.

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