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Nice places to see in İzmir

Posted by david on 19 July 2022
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Places to See in Izmir – A List of Top Attractions

Izmir is one of Turkey’s most beautiful and oldest cities, located on the Aegean Coast. This metropolitan city is full of places worth visiting. Though the list of best places to see in Izmir is long, this article explains the top 4 that you cannot miss out on.

Places to See in Izmir

Let’s dive deep into the details of all these places to see in Izmir!

1- Izmir Agora

Izmir Agora is one of the most mesmerizing places to see in Izmir. With Kemerati on one side and hills on the other, Agora is a beautiful historic building that has been around 85-year-old. Before it became Izmir Agora, it was called Smyrna.

An earthquake in 178 AD destroyed the whole structure. But the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius made orders to renovate the building. Today it resides in Izmir as an eye-catching ruin.

Tourists love viewing the Faustina Gate, the vaulted chambers, and the Corinthian colonnade of Agora. The stones that make this structure can easily take one back to the Roman days when the current building style did not exist.

2- Ephesus

Ephesus is a historic Roman city port that is now out of service. But the tourists who visit this location every year are thousands in number. It will teach you interesting things about how Romans used to sail to trade different edibles such as spices and fruits in ancient times.

You will be blown away by the massive collection of Roman architecture. The rich sources of the archives in the Eastern Mediterranean region increase the value of Ephesus. Most of the archives are not even earthed. While visiting this area, do not forget to stop by the Celcius Library and praise its legacy.

3- Kemeralti Market

To take a closer look at the Turkish culture and get goods to take the country’s legacy with you home, visit Kemeralti Market. You cannot only buy souvenirs and items but also get to meet friendly locals in the crowded market. The market originated in the 17th century and never stopped serving almost everything at affordable prices.

You can find vintage coffee houses, small tea gardens, mosques, shops, etc. This place is so broad and diverse that you should have a full day dedicated to wandering around it. There are courtyards and worship places. You can also take an hour for a power nap in one of the caravansaries.

4- Hisar Mosque

Hisar Mosque, the largest mosque in the city, is one of the best places to see. The interior of the mosque will leave you spell-bound. Being built back in 1597, the mosque is a tremendous example of the beauty of Ottoman architecture. There is one dome in the center, which is the largest, surrounded by three domes at the rear.

The clean marble, white color combination, and wide verandas make the whole mosque appear marvelous. The rose motifs are the cherry on the top.

The Bottom Line!

Izmir is not just a city; it is a treasure box brimming with 8000-year-old history. Be it the archeological sites or the Ottoman architecture, everything in Izmir is prettier and more artistic. If you are planning on shifting to the city, AEGEAN LOCATIONS can help you find the best residential location in Izmir.

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