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The Tuscany of Turkey – Urla – Market Update

Posted by david on 11 December 2022
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Especially in Urla, where there is an escape from metropolitan cities after the pandemic, housing prices have increased by almost 7 percent in the last month. The value increase in the last 3 years was determined as 493.5 percent.

Urla; Due to its gastronomy, nature, sea, clean air, vineyards, arable lands, proximity to Izmir and Çeşme, many primary education institutions and Izmir Institute of Technology, proximity to the airport and suitability for summer and winter sessions, it is the most preferred district for Izmir residents who live in Istanbul and are tired of city life. With its many features, Urla draws attention as the most preferred district for the people of Izmir who live in Istanbul and are tired of city life. Especially in the last 3 years after the pandemic, prices of real estate in Urla have increased by 493.5 percent and rental prices by 324.1 percent. In the Urla housing sales market, housing prices for sale increased by 6.64 percent in the last month. While the average residential square meter prices in Urla district are 25 thousand 105 TL, the return period is calculated as 30 years. Accordingly, in the real estate index and regional report of 2022, the average price of a 100-square-meter house purchased in Urla district was between 1 million 882 thousand 845 liras and 3 million 138 thousand 100 liras.

There are numerous reasons to buy land for sale in Urla. First of all, due to the high number of natural and archaeological site areas, Urla stands out as a district that is kept under great protection. At the same time, its proximity to the city center and the highway connection make land for sale in Urla valuable. Especially in terms of capital gain of the investment you make in the coming years, buying land in Urla can make you smile as a very profitable investment. In the long run, land for sale in Urla always pays off. If you expect a gain in the short term, you should look at the land options for sale in Urla in the central and planned urbanization districts in the regions where high-end housing projects are located.


With its fresh air, water, nature, ease of easy living and openness to development, Urla offers attractive opportunities as a settlement as it has ceased to be a holiday resort and has become livable in summer and winter. The most important detail you need to know in this sense is that only 2-storey structures are allowed in Urla. Thanks to this feature, Urla draws attention as a residential area away from concreting and those who choose peace. Square meter prices for building plots for sale in the Urla region vary between 25 thousand and 35 thousand TRY. Land in the form of fields that have not yet been opened to construction vary between 6 thousand and 13 thousand TRY per square meter.


Bademler, which provides very comfortable transportation half an hour away from the highway between Seferihisar and Urla, has lands that are distant from the sea but will offer villa life in nature. In the new shining star Kuşçular region, the areas open to construction with the right to low-density construction are among the most demanded regions as a project area. Yenice neighborhood and Yelaltı neighborhood, which are famous for their Kekliktepe region, are carrying out luxury projects in the style of villas with large gardens with a slightly sloping land structure and sea view.


Gülbahçe, Balıklıova, İçmeler, Kalabak and Torasan neighborhoods on the coast are in a position to show long-term development with the areas that can be opened to construction by overcoming some ongoing zoning plan problems. In recent years, with the development of the Institute of High Technology, students have also started to prefer this region. In addition, residence and villa projects are produced in the İskele and Güvendik region for investors who prefer close proximity to the sea. In short, Urla will continue to be the first choice of investors who want green space and site life with all its regions and prefer to be intertwined with nature, which will cause Urla to increase in value for the next 10 years as an investment.

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