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Invest in Turkey

Posted by david on 11 September 2022
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Top 7 Reasons to Invest in Turkey

Turkey has seen a massive number of revitalization projects throughout all its cities. Now it is thriving as a country in terms of development and advancements in all life sectors. One sector that is especially booming is real estate in Turkey.

The general interest of investors in real estate is at its peak in the case of Turkey for several reasons. The top ones include money safety since the market is doing pretty well and the high tourism rate. This article explains why you could invest in Turkey.

The Reasons Why You Should Invest in Turkey

Let us dive into the details of each reason to invest in Turkey now!

1- Get Turkish Citizenship Easily

Citizenship in Turkey is the dream of many as it comes with a number of benefits that work beyond the national borders. The good news for investors is that merely investing in Turkey will get you citizenship as early as within the 3 – 6 months timespan.

The investment citizenship scheme was introduced back in the year 2016 by the Turkish government. The scheme comes with its conditions and terms. There are multiple ways to make the most of it: real estate acquisition, job creation, or capital transfer. The real estate option is the most opted one since it has the most benefits comparatively.

2- Stable Infrastructure

The first and foremost thing an experienced investor sees in any place before investing is the infrastructure. If it is good enough, the place can get you a great deal of ROI; otherwise, you might end up waiting for the return for the rest of your life. But in the case of Turkey, the ROI will be more than your expectations because the infrastructure of the country is super convenient.

Many development programs have been conducted, as evident in the well-networked roads and well-connected transportation system. Such stable infrastructure gives Turkey great value from the perspective of investment.

3- Skilled Talent and Workforce

Most European countries face such population issues where most of the percentage belongs to senior citizens. At the same time, Turkey is where you find young, fresh, talented people.

Not just that, the competitive environment and modern cultural values have turned talented people into skilled workforce. Thus, the valuable asset in the form of a competitive and qualified workforce makes Turkey worth investing in.

The domestic market is evidence of the vibrancy, versatility, and value of the driving forces behind it. So, there are multiple ways to succeed when you invest in Turkey.

4- Beneficial Incentives for the Foreign Investors

While investing in a foreign country, one of the most crucial aspects is the cooperation of the country’s government. If the buying processes are long and troublesome, you will waste your time more and earn a good ROI less. But this is not the scenario when you invest in Turkey.

One significant aspect of the investment process is the incentives for each asset category. There are around seven investment profiles; each comes with incentives defined by the Quality FDI, Turkey Investment Office.

All the incentives have been defined, considering the requirements and expectations of foreign investors.

5- The Entrepreneurial Aspect

Turkey has a high tourism rate that seems to be increasing in percentage with each passing year. The entrepreneurial community is stronger and more stable when the tourism rate is high. The same is the case with Turkey.

Thus, the opportunities for partnerships and networking are tremendous in number. Start-ups are getting established and peaking success heights every month. Another great reason behind such a great entrepreneurial community is that Turkey remains a great travel destination throughout the year.

So, the options are massive for start-ups. Whether you want to be a part of such a thriving community where returns skyrocket is your call.

6- Great Location

One of the most critical factors in choosing a country for investment include location. Turkey excels in this regard. It is located right in the middle of East and West and is a perfect blend of both civilizations.

The ideal location makes import and export super easy since most of the key markets are within the strategic access of this country. Property for sale in Turkey is a popular investment for many foreigners. Real estate in Izmir and apartments for sale in Izmir are in high demand because of the comfortable lifestyle Izmir has to offer.

7- Strong Economy

The modernism in lifestyle and the sophistication in culture, combined with the strength of the economy, make Turkey worth investing in. The best part is that the growth seems to be constantly happening.

Turkey upgraded from the 18th to the 11th, just from 2003 – 2020. Right now, Turkey has the 11th strongest economy in the whole world.

Invest in Turkey – Enjoy a Wide Range of Perks

The perks of investing in Turkey do not limit to getting a Turkish passport in a short time but so much more! Firstly, the passport comes with the possibility of being able to travel to around 148 countries. It stays valid for about ten years.

Secondly, you do not have to invest millions of dollars in enjoying the mentioned perks. Yes, the minimum amount of money you can get started with is as little as 400 thousand US dollars.

Moreover, you also have the option of investing in real estate companies. For this option, the minimum amount required can be $ 500,000.


As mentioned above, geopolitical location, strong economy, and many other factors contribute to the massive demand for the Turkish real estate industry worldwide.

Foreign investors are in a hurry to contact a good real estate agency, find a suitable property, and just put their money in a secure place because Turkey is no longer underrated or under-attended. It implies that the current prices are lower following the asset’s value and can increase with time.

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