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Discover Mugla’s Top Beaches: Your Ultimate Guide to Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

Posted by BlogEditor on 25 June 2024
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When exploring the best beaches in Mugla, Turkey, one thing is certain: you will have plenty of options. This Mediterranean and Aegean coastal province is a top destination for beach holidays, attracting thousands of visitors each year who seek sun, sea, and sand. The picturesque holiday resorts with their sandy stretches mean you’re never far from the beach.

Known as the Turquoise Coast for its sparkling blue waters, Mugla’s beaches often feature in major international travel publications. Tourists can enjoy delightful swims and, in some locations, partake in water sports like jet skiing. For those seeking relaxation and seclusion, undeveloped beaches are ideal, especially during the crowded summer months. Mugla’s dedication to tourism is evident with its 90 blue-flagged beaches. Let’s explore some of the most admired beaches in Mugla.

Top Beaches in Mugla, Turkey

1. Oludeniz and the Blue Lagoon

Often used to promote Turkey’s tourism, the Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz boasts crystal-clear waters shaped by a protruding section of sand forming a small lagoon perfect for swimming. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available, but most visitors stay at Oludeniz beach. Protected by national law, it offers stunning views and a vibrant atmosphere with paragliders landing nearby.

2. Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley might surprise some for its inclusion on this list due to its pebbly and narrow beach. However, the vibes and natural beauty make it special. A handmade beachside bar serves food and drinks, and visitors can explore waterfalls at the valley’s back. It’s also a top snorkelling spot in Turkey. The easiest way to reach Butterfly Valley is by water taxi from Oludeniz or via daily boat cruises.

Tip: These two beaches are in the Fethiye area, a popular tourist destination. Learn more about Fethiye in our detailed area guide. Also, consider visiting Patara Beach, just on the border with Mugla, for a stunning beach experience and ancient ruins exploration.

3. Iztuzu Turtle Beach

Iztuzu Beach gained fame in the 1980s thanks to conservation efforts by Kaptain June and David Bellamy to protect the nesting grounds of endangered Caretta turtles. This 4.5-kilometre beach near Dalyan is a must-visit for nature lovers. Boat trips often include a stop here, especially when returning from the Dalyan delta mud baths.

4. Sarigerme in the Ortaca District

Sarigerme, located 12 kilometres from Dalaman town, has grown in popularity over the last 15 years. Initially less known, a large travel company’s investment transformed it into a bustling beach destination. With a long stretch of sand, it’s ideal for both Turks and foreigners. Note that most visitors stay in all-inclusive hotels due to limited dining options.

5. Marmaris Town Beach

Marmaris Town Beach, although narrow, offers a long stretch of part sand and part pebble. Its town centre location makes it convenient, with nearby bars and restaurants providing refreshments. The boulevard lined with palm trees adds to its picturesque appeal.

6. Cleopatra’s Beach and Island

Located about 20 kilometres from Marmaris, Cleopatra’s Beach on Sedir Island is renowned for its unique sand, supposedly brought from Egypt. Legend has it that Cleopatra and Mark Anthony swam here. While the entrance fee is 50 lira, it includes a free sunbed, and the clean, refreshing waters make it worth the visit.

7. Yahsi Beach in Ortakent

Yahsi Beach in the Ortakent district of the Bodrum Peninsula is beloved by both Turkish and foreign holidaymakers. Known for its clear waters and ample amenities, Yahsi offers a long stretch of sand around the bay, ensuring plenty of space for all visitors.

8. Gumbet: Water Sports Haven

Gumbet is a favourite among British tourists, especially families with teenagers who enjoy water sports. This 1-kilometre beach is perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving, thanks to its clear and deep waters. Gumbet also offers a good selection of family-friendly bars and restaurants, making it a well-rounded holiday destination.

Exploring the beaches of Mugla, Turkey, reveals a diverse and stunning coastline perfect for any beach lover. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or vibrant holiday vibes, Mugla’s beaches have something for everyone.

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