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Discover the Best of Mugla: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Posted by BlogEditor on 25 June 2024
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If you want to holiday or live in Turkey, the Mugla province is an ideal destination to choose. Brimming with coastal resorts, picturesque villages, stunning beaches, and the calm waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, it hosts millions of tourists every year. While Mugla is the name of a city, the region spans parts of the western and southern coasts, including popular holiday hotspots like Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, and Dalaman. This Turkish delight is popular not only among tourists but also among foreign property buyers who have purchased holiday homes or retirement properties here. The cosmopolitan atmosphere blends modern living with traditional roots, making it a perfect place for expats and tourists alike.

Mugla Province of Turkey

How to Get Here

Mugla stands out as a major hub for air travel, boasting two of Turkey’s top touristic airports. Bodrum International Airport serves the Aegean region, while Dalaman Airport caters to the western resorts. Both airports offer flights to and from various countries worldwide. Additionally, the major D400 highway runs through Mugla, making it accessible by bus or car. The province’s extensive coastline also allows yachts from international waters to enter via official points of entry.

Best Time to Visit Mugla

Beach lovers should visit during the official tourism season from May to October, when sunny weather prevails, and beaches offer sunbeds, umbrellas, and water sports. For the warmest temperatures, visit between July and September, but remember to pack sunscreen as temperatures can reach the mid-40s. The most rainfall occurs from January to February. For those interested in excursions or historical sites, the best times to visit are from March to June or October to December when the weather is cooler.

Major Claims to Fame

Lycian Way: Mugla encompasses part of the Lycian Way, a 500-kilometre trekking path that stretches from Antalya. This historical route passes ancient ruins and Lycian tombs, with campsites and hostels along the way for accommodation.

Turkish Riviera: Also known as the Turquoise Coast, Mugla is a significant part of the Turkish Riviera, stretching from the Aegean to Antalya. Gulet cruising is popular here, especially the 3-night route from Fethiye to Antalya. These cruises offer breathtaking sights, with options for shared cabins or private yacht charters.

Caretta Turtles: The endangered Caretta turtles lay their eggs on the beaches of Mugla’s western coast. Their nesting season runs from May to September, and it’s common to see sections of beaches protected to safeguard their eggs.

Blue Lagoon: Located in Oludeniz, the Blue Lagoon is one of Turkey’s most photographed beaches. Its crystal-clear waters and stunning surroundings make it a must-visit. Nearby, Butterfly Valley offers another breathtaking natural spot accessible by boat taxi.

Stunning Sunsets: The sunsets in Mugla are spectacular, especially from seaside resorts. Calis Beach, in particular, is renowned for its sunset views, best enjoyed from promenade restaurants.

Scuba Diving: Scuba diving is popular in Mugla, with many schools offering beginner lessons and full PADI courses. Dive sites reveal an underwater world of flora and fauna.

Popular Day-Trips and Places to Visit

Dalaman Mud Baths: Sail up the Dalyan delta past Lycian rock tombs to reach the mud baths, said to have healing properties for skin ailments.

Pamukkale and Hierapolis: Local travel agencies offer excursions to the white calcium pools of Pamukkale and the ancient city of Hierapolis, both UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Rhodes Daily Ferry: From Datca, Marmaris, or Fethiye, take a ferry to the Greek Island of Rhodes to experience a blend of Turkish and Greek cultures.

Where to Stay in the Province

Bodrum Peninsula: This Aegean gem has long been a favorite among tourists and expats. Coastal resorts like Gumbet, Turkbuku, and Yalikavak each offer unique experiences, from water sports to luxurious yachting.

Fethiye Region: This area includes Calis Beach, Oludeniz, Hisaronu, and Ovacik. Known for paragliding and vibrant nightlife, it’s a popular spot among British tourists.

Marmaris: Known for its lively nightlife and beautiful beaches, Marmaris attracts a young crowd. Neighboring Icmeler offers a more family-friendly atmosphere with sit-down restaurants and family bars.

Best Beaches in Turkey

Mugla is home to some of Turkey’s best beaches. Whether you seek secluded spots or bustling beach centers, Mugla has it all. Rent a sunbed and umbrella and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. Some top beaches include Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley, and many more detailed in our guide to Mugla’s best beaches.

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