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Discover Bodrum: A Unique Blend of Culture and Luxury on Turkey’s Aegean Coast

Posted by BlogEditor on 26 June 2024
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Bodrum, located on the Aegean coast of Turkey, is a popular destination for many foreign tourists. On the surface, it offers ample amounts of sun, sea, sand, and everything else that constitutes the perfect holiday destination. Yet for many Turks who know its history and esteemed status, it seems like an alternative reality marked with bohemian traits.

For decades, Bodrum has embraced creative artisans eager to avoid conformity. Tourists can still find age-old traditions and Turkish culture on the many cobbled streets of the small, traditional villages throughout the peninsula, but we recommend looking beyond this to discover what makes Bodrum tick.

Following the footsteps of famous residents and visiting certain places promising indulgence of the highest form will reveal the pleasure-seeking vibes that have set Bodrum in the heart of many Turks. By embracing the cultural lifestyle in Bodrum, newcomers will understand the peninsula and realize why there really is nowhere else like it in the world.

Cultural Things to Do in Bodrum

Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli: The Fisherman of Halicarnassus

Bodrum’s historical name was Halicarnassus, but the Fisherman of Halicarnassus was born centuries later. Named Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli, he is credited for the indulgent vibes and successful promotion of the region. He arrived in Bodrum three years after the Turkish War of Independence. Finding the town full of doom and gloom, Cevat, along with many friends, eagerly threw themselves into the main trade of Bodrum at that time: sponge diving. Eventually, the boats transformed into overnight floating hotels, and Cevat documented all his travels.

These days, the routes he sailed are known as blue voyage cruises, and thanks to his work, Bodrum is a central sailing hub of the Turkish Riviera, attracting mega yachts from all over the world. Three- and four-night blue voyage cruises to explore the Turkish coastline and Greek islands are one of the top things to do in Bodrum.

Zeki Muren: The Celebrity Lifestyle of Bodrum

Zeki Muren, a famous Turkish singer during the 1970s, is another notable resident who left his mark on Bodrum. His flamboyant personality and celebrity status further boosted Bodrum’s reputation as a place where the rich and famous could feel at home. Today, international celebrities who have holidayed in Bodrum include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Beyonce, and Ronaldo.

Zeki Muren’s Museum displays most of his personal possessions, and it’s evident that his effeminate character thrived in Bodrum’s boundary-pushing atmosphere.

Aegean Dining Alfresco Style

Bodrum is not a business hub, but it excels in hospitality, particularly evening dining. Summer evenings are perfect for alfresco dining in seaside restaurants and on rooftop terraces. Menus include gourmet food and international cuisines such as Indian or Chinese, but for an authentic experience, opt for Aegean cuisine. Core ingredients like herbs, wild greens, fish, seafood, and olive oil dressings may sound simple, but when paired with a glass of raki, it’s easy to feel like a true Bodrum local. For a special evening, try the terrace restaurant of Marina Yacht Club in Bodrum.

Yalikavak Marina: The Place to Be Seen



Bodrum has been the star of Turkey’s tourism scene for many years, but when Palmarina opened, Yalikavak became the favored spot for wealthy yacht owners. Yalikavak, once a small village, embraced mainstream tourism in the 1980s and became a popular expat hub. Today, its new marina attracts mega yachts and billionaires with its helicopter pad and exclusive clubs.

Restaurants and shops in Yalikavak are high quality, and the area is also known for its luxury properties with fantastic views over the Bodrum peninsula. A day trip to Yalikavak should start with a traditional Turkish breakfast in Havva, a small, off-the-beaten-track spot popular with Turkish families.

Gumusluk and Rabbit Island

The village of Gumusluk is home to Rabbit Island, one of Bodrum peninsula’s famous landmarks. Gumusluk’s slow pace and carefree attitude make it seem as if the 21st century is happening in a parallel universe. Limon Cafe, set back from the coastline and surrounded by green hills, continues this trend with its bohemian vibes and unique twist on traditional Turkish food.

Evening dining in Gumusluk is renowned, with seaside restaurants like Melengec attracting famous Turkish celebrities with their fresh seafood and fish. Prices may be high, but dining here for an evening embraces the laid-back nightlife of Bodrum.

The Beach Clubs of Bodrum

Bodrum’s beach clubs are popular among the younger generation for their all-day tanning and evening parties. Each beach club has its own distinctive vibe. Xuma Beach Club, using the tagline “all in the name of love,” is one of the most well-known establishments. Set in 24 acres, it promotes swimming, relaxing, and wellness, with a kitchen offering the best of gastronomy using only the freshest ingredients. Other popular venues include Juju, Sebastian, and Moon Beach, all of which perfectly portray Bodrum’s nonconformity and indulgence.

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