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Land for Sale in Turkey

Posted by david on 11 September 2022
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Land for Sale Turkey | Land in Turkey

With the ongoing development in every sector of life, the finance sector is also keeping up. Thanks to social media spreading finance awareness, it has seen massive improvement during the last few years. Yes, people are getting more aware of how they can secure their money and what causes it to go down.

Gone are the days when saving was the only source of urgently available money. Now people want to invest. The real estate industry is one of the most commonly chosen industries for investment. This article provides information about the best country in terms of real estate investment; let us dive in!

Turkey – What Makes it so Special?

With each passing year, the position of Turkey to invest in real estate is getting higher. The reasons are obvious, but not all potential global investors are fully aware of them. The number of foreigners entering the realm of Turkey as tourists and residents yearly increases, and so does the value of properties in Turkey.

Being right between the East and West, Turkey happens to be a beautiful blend of both cultures. In fact, it is one such multicultural country where there is enough room for each culture to exist and thrive. That is why the tourism rate and the percentage of foreigners in the country are so high!

Why Invest in Real Estate, Turkey?

As mentioned above, Turkey is an ideal destination for those who want a lifestyle in a well-developed country. And also for those who are on the mission of exploring the world. Turkey holds a great real estate market for being a tourist destination and an opportunity for a better lifestyle.

Many investors enjoy a good deal of ROI from their properties in this country. The variety of landscapes and neighborhoods, along with many other factors, attract the attention of investors looking for long-term investment opportunities.

Let us go through the following points to find out why it is worth buying land for sale in Turkey!

1- Cheap Housing Prices

The Asian touch in the economy of Turkey and the Western influence on the lifestyle only got popularized in the world after Turkey got the limelight. Yes, it has not always been like this when it comes to the position of this country on the international platform.

The recent limelight of Turkey is the reason why housing is cheap in the country despite its great potential. It also confronts investors from all around the world with a sense of urgency. Because the prices are going to upscale as the value of this country makes itself prominent on the international level. Right now, Turkey is an ideal country to invest your money in real estate, with the return being high for the amount of investment. Real Estate in İzmir is getting more popular each day because of the high returns. Furthermore, İzmir is considered a more comfortable city to live in comparison with Istanbul.

2- Ideal for Long Term Investment

An investor’s mindset always thinks in the long term; that is why it is the mindset of an investor in the first place. If you, too, are someone who wants to take their investments to a lifetime level, all while enjoying a great deal of annual return, no country is better than Turkey.

The Turkey real estate prices contain the potential to offer you lucrative ROI. Most of the well-developed countries in the world already have their real estate prices skyrocketing.

Real Estate in Turkey is well-developed and full of potential, yet it works with low investment amounts. Even if you add annual maintenance and upkeep charges, the return would still be better than that in other well-developed places.

3- A Huge Variety in Landscapes and Housing Options

Another significant factor that makes Turkey ideal for investing in real estate is the wide variety of landscapes and housing options. To invest in most of the potential countries, you need to have a certain amount of funding and be ready to opt for a specific kind of property.

This is because the available options are limited and only attract investors with a certain mindset. However, in Turkey, you can be any kind of investor with any amount of funding and still find suitable properties to invest in.

There are small apartments with limited resources, giant villas with luxurious facilities, and everything in between. This makes room for such investors with millions of dollars to invest as well as those with limited amounts of money!

4- A Simplified Real Estate Industry

In most countries, the buying process is complicated, long, and troublesome. But in the case of Turkey, the government has taken dedicated measures to make it easier for investors to buy land for sale in Turkey.

This is to expand the real estate industry of the country. Due to the contribution of governmental policies, several people have stepped forward to help foreign nationals invest in the country. Yes, you can easily find great real estate agents even online. Aegean Locations is one of the best companies you can get in touch with to discuss your plan to invest in Turkey virtually.

The Best City in Turkey to buy Land in

If you are looking for a city in Turkey other than Istanbul, Izmir is the way to go. It is the second largest city, after Istanbul. It is filled with a wide range of beaches, luxurious lifestyles, and opportunities for students and job seekers; it makes a perfect home and travel destination.


Having a certain amount of funding in your hand and not being able to decide where to invest is a problem most people face. Even if you are fully clear about what type of investment and how much return you are expecting, it can still get overwhelming. Plus, you need a trustworthy real estate agent to deal with the stress and confusion.

Aegean Locations is one of the best real estate companies you can find in Turkey. They serve online to foreign nationals who want to secure their money by investing in potential properties and buying land for sale in Turkey!

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